Release Notes

Version 1.5.0 — June 4th, 2021


This release introduces an exciting new capability that allows instructors to enable additional cameras to enhance their teaching experience, improved experience on sorting and positioning of classmates, several stability improvements across the application as well as a number of updates to begin supporting accessibility measures (WCAG 2.1).


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class.

General Use
  • Improved the sorting and positioning of users in various seating chart views to address issues with video panels jumping around and layouts.

  • Introduced a new feature that gives Instructors and TAs the ability to activate a secondary camera includes:
    • Instructor Camera which enables supplementary course content to be displayed like a live video feed or whiteboard and so on.
    • Sign Language Camera which enables live sign language translation of the class for students that need ASL support.
    • Class Camera which enables hybrid/hi-flex classrooms so that all students can participate.
  • Introduced limited screen reader support for tabs, labels, video thumbnails, and other application controls.

  • Introduced accessibility for hover-over buttons and added support for using from VoiceOver cursor.

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

General Use
  • Fixed a handful of issues that were causing application crashes when users were leaving or rejoining the app.
  • Fixed an issue where the video button was being hidden and page counts were not updating when the app was resized.
  • Fixed a handful of issues relating to the audio device.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio device was not being displayed after unplugging the headphones for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Leave Meeting pop-up was not displaying the Cancel button.
  • Fixed an issue where certain form fields were not displaying texts in Dark Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the main video grid became uneven when exceeding 34 participants.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu selection under Seating Chart was defaulting to General after changing the Privacy mode.
  • Fixed an issue in the Seating Chart where after making a selection the menu was not dismissed.
  • Fixed a UI issue where a checkmark was not properly displayed for Attendee view’s Off option.
  • Fixed a UI issue where menu separators within the application could be clicked.
  • Fixed a UI issue where the recording controls could be clipped/overlapped with other controls when resizing the application.
  • Fixed an issue where the video grid pagination jumps back to page one when going through the pages.
  • Fixed an issue where the student’s video was appearing and disappearing after joining a class with a lot of students in it.
Breakout Rooms
  • Fixed an issue where the “Cancel” and “End Class for All” buttons were not displayed when users clicked on Leave in a Breakout Room.
  • Fixed an issue where video cards were not being displayed in some Breakout Rooms.
Screen Share
  • Fixed an issue where the shared screen is missing the zoom and minify buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where students could not close the Unable to Share screen pop-up after trying to share their screen.

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

Breakout Groups
  • Instructors sometimes lose access to the teaching tools panel when returning from a breakout session. When this occurs, this can be addressed by leaving the class and rejoining.
Course Launch (LTI V1.1)
  • Instructors and students that use multiple accounts on the same device to launch classes from their LMS will experience issues with the system identifying them in classroom sessions.
Sidebar (Zoom users only)
  • In some cases, when students’ internet connections are interrupted, they may need to leave the classroom and rejoin in order for the sidebar to work properly.
General Use
  • Changing alternate host on Zoom’s web portal does not update in Class once the class has been created.
  • The instructor profile panel may disappear upon pining from the podium. A workaround is to resize.

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