Release Notes

Version 1.6.0 — June 21, 2021


This release introduces additional controls for secondary cameras, stability improvements, and several updates to support accessibility measures (WCAG 2.1).


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class.

General Use
  • Introduced controls for any secondary cameras displayed to the class
    • Students can now pin a secondary camera under an Instructor or in the main Gallery view
    • Instructors can pin and also manipulate audio, video, type, and role of a secondary camera
  • Improved the secondary camera feature to only allow unverified users to be assigned as a:
    • Class Camera
    • Instructor Camera
    • Sign Language Camera
  • Added keyboard and VoiceOver navigation to navigate pop-up menus and the toolbar
  • Added VoiceOver for WebTabs so users can hear which tab is selected and what group of tabs it belongs to
  • Added VoiceOver for the screen share status bar when sharing a screen
  • Mini-recording view now supports VoiceOver
  • Enhanced VoiceOver support for the main meeting window
  • Enhanced accessibility of dropdown menus

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

General Use
  • Fixed a handful of issues that were causing application crashes when joining a class, launching a syllabus, or sharing files
  • Fixed issue where the video icon was displayed as off when the video feed was on
  • Fixed intermittent issues where some users video feeds were not displaying
  • Fixed issue where keyboard interactions with pop-up menus were not working
  • Fixed issue with sorting by Hand Raised would not sort properly for students joining from an iPad
  • Fixed UI issue when changing between Speaker and Gallery Views
  • Fixed UI issue when resizing windows
  • Fixed UI color inconsistencies
  • Fixed issue where the users joining from Zoom would not receive the web sidebar link for the class after exiting a Breakout Room
  • Fixed issue where the incorrect username was displayed under the user’s video
  • Fixed issue where Instructors could not play videos for students using Zoom
  • Fixed issue for students who did not see an option to leave a Breakout Room
  • Fixed issue where VoiceOver read over unidentifiable buttons
  • Fixed issues here Hide Self View option was not displayed in the video options
  • Fixed issue where roles could not be changed on the Japanese localized application
  • Fixed issue where privacy mode was not working for users with the application language set to Japanese
  • Fixed issues where application installer was not localized in Japanese

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

  • Some bottom toolbar pop-ups are currently not accessible via VoiceOver
Breakout Rooms
  • Instructors will sometimes experience their role to change to a Student after exiting a Breakout Room
  • Users who have left and rejoin a class will not be able to see chat history
  • When reinstalling or installing the app, users receive a message that the application is unsafe
Files (Zoom users)
  • Users joining from Zoom cannot upload files
  • Users joining from Zoom receive an XML error when opening files from the chat and not through the Sidebar
Screen Sharing
  • When resizing the window to be narrow, the Share Screen option is collapsed and not accessible unless resized to be larger
    The option to share Music or Computer Sound Only is not selectable
  • Firefox, Opera, and Safari users are not able to see the Grades in the Sidebar or open the Syllabus
  • Instructors are not able to invite students to office hours using the Class Roster
Video Sharing
  • Instructors can launch videos but are not presented with the option to Share with Class as they are with web links
General Use
  • There are some intermittent crashes when joining or exiting Class
  • There are intermittent issues with joining a Class via invitation link
  • Re-opening the application once minimized is not possible without quitting and restarting
  • Users are not able to join the meeting when invited from within the Class application
  • Inviting a student using the same email address with different casing will send multiple invitations
  • Pinning a user causes the pinned user’s video to be blank
  • Instructors are not able to Unmute All students
  • The scroll buttons for the Front of Room panel are always displayed, even when no one is off-screen
  • Instructors are not able to Lower Hands for students
  • Users are able to hide or show Self View
  • The video quality is blurred for users removed from the Podium
  • The bottom toolbar option to select More options is not accessible when resizing the main meeting window to be narrow
  • Users will see an overlap of long names with Edit and Delete buttons
  • Instructors re-launching a Web Tab does not refresh with new information
  • There are some issues with the reCAPTCHA not allowing users to re-try
  • Users signing in with an invalid password will see a message about reCAPTCHA

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