Release Notes

Version 1.7.0 — July 12, 2021


This release comprises mostly stability improvements with some feature enhancements focused on screen sharing and closed captioning


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class.

  • Added ability to input and display closed captioning to users who have enabled it
  • Added a Live Transcript button that provides options to 
    • Enable/disable closed captioning
    • Change subtitle settings
    • Transcribe messages via a window
  • Closed Captioning: Show popover message to users when a CC message is first broadcast, to indicate CC is available
  • Configurations on Zoom will now apply to closed captioning text on Class
  • Closed Captioning: Provide UI for sending CC messages
  • Closed Captioning: Show CC messages if ‘subtitles’ are enabled
  • Closed Captioning: Show Live Transcript (CC) button in toolbar when applicable
Breakout Rooms
  • Added ability for instructors to broadcast messages to all students once breakout rooms have been opened
Screen Sharing
  • Enhanced Screen Share feature to minimize the Class application when sharing screens and display a floating toolbar
  • Disabled screen sharing for camera users:
    • Instructor Cam
    • Class Cam
    • Sign Language Cam
General Use
  • Added Seating Chart views for students:
    • General
    • Alphabetical – First Name
    • Alphabetical – Last Name
    • Hand Raised
  • Enhanced UI for Seating Chart dropdown to visually separate alphabetical options from the others

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

  • Resolved issue when reinstalling or installing the application, a message that the application is unsafe displays
  • Resolved issue where user was not prompted to install upgrade when launching Class 
  • Resolved issues where the Class application would crash when joining or after leaving a session
  • Changed the Reaction label from ‘Crazy’ to ‘Zany’
  • Resolved localization issue with the ‘Zany’ Reaction
  • Resolved issue with accessibility for some of the toolbar dialogs
  • Resolved issue where pinning a user’s video causes their video to be blank
  • Resolved issue where instructor could not view a shared screen when they attempt to share their screen over it
  • Resolved issue where students could not start a new screen share while sharing their screen
  • Resolved issue where localization keys showed up unexpected 
  • Resolved issue where thumbnail views of participant videos were flashing
  • Resolved overlapping and flickering issue with the ‘More’ button when resizing the window
  • Resolved issue where participants were not able to ask their Instructor for help from the Breakout Room
  • Removed the Hide/Show Self options from the users video
  • Removed issue where scrolling was visible for the Front of Class section when scrolling was not possible
  • Resolved issue where arrows were not displayed appropriately based on whether scrolling was possible
  • Resolved issue where Instructors were not able to Set Camera for existing cameras in Class

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

  • Certain pop-ups are not dismissible by keyboard
  • The action button highlight is light gray instead of a highlight color
Additional Cameras
  • When a Zoom user is set as a Class Cam and the Instructor or Assistant launches a poll, the Class application crashes
Breakout Rooms
  • Instructors leaving a Breakout Room no longer see their Class Management and Teacher Tools
  • When a single Breakout Room is opened, a duplicate is visible from the Breakout Room dialog
  • Users are not able to rename Breakout Rooms
  • Instructors will sometimes experience their role to change to a Student after exiting a Breakout Room
Launch Video
  • Users are not able to launch videos from YouTube
  • When launching a video, there are intermittent issues with the video playing and showing a blank screen instead
  • Instructors can launch videos but are not presented with the option to Share with Class as they are with web links
  • Syllabus tab label is not localized
  • Assessment grading page is not localized
Screen Share
  • Students can turn off the instructor’s Screen Share when permission is not enabled
  • When sharing a screen, the Screen Share does not stop when closing the application, only when quitting
General Use
  • When an invalid meeting ID is entered to join an existing class, the error message does not automatically close
  • Users are unable to join Classes that have special characters in the password
  • Students cannot connect to Class when using SAML authentication
  • Students are not able to see the last student in the gallery if there is an odd number of participants
  • Students are automatically verified when entering a class
  • Users are not able to verify students when they join a completed Class session
  • Alternate hosts are not able to join Class when the meeting is scheduled from Zoom
  • Class logo is missing from the application home screen
  • Users are unable to Create a New Class using an existing Zoom Meeting
  • When launching video, users are not able to right-click paste to input the URL
  • Students who are altered to Unverified are shown as both present and absent
  • Zoom users do not receive the web sidebar link
  • Intermittent issues with the Create Class window not automatically closing upon submission
  • Intermittent issues with Student names changing when turning their video off and on
  • There are intermittent issues with the Student names not displaying properly in the gallery
  • When setting a user to a camera multiple times, the camera label disappears
  • Participant list is not alphabetized regardless of casing, names in lowercase are sorted after uppercase
  • In the Participants list, there is a missing space between Students and Absent Students labels and the count
  • Participants with long names are not truncated in the Participants list
  • Participant list is not alphabetized regardless of casing, names in lowercase are sorted after uppercase
  • In the Participants list, there is a missing space between Students and Absent Students labels and the count
  • The total number of users mismatches with the number shown in the Participants list
  • Some of the flag emojis are displayed as initials without an image in the chat
  • Mismatched casing for Semester Avg in the Dashboard

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