Release Notes

Version 1.8.1 — September 13, 2021


This release is being made available to correct several high-priority issues experienced by customers.

General Use
  • Fixed an issue where instructors could not create a new class when the date was not in MM/DD/YY format
  • Restored the Demo Class with the latest Enhanced Breakout Room features
  • Fixed an issue when an instructor launched a course from an LMS, they couldn’t create Breakout Rooms
  • Fixed an issue where instructors were not able to create a course via LMS due to their Zoom email address not being recognized by Class

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

Breakout Rooms
  • Sharing screens in a breakout room are currently only functional for the host Instructor
  • Intermittent issue with a student moving to a different breakout room than the one they joined
  • Changing the role of a student to be an Assistant or Instructor while breakout rooms are active will not give them access to the All Breakout Rooms tab to monitor breakout rooms
  • If a student declines the request to join an assigned breakout room, the Instructor will have to re-assign them to re-send the request
  • Instructor changing the LMS closes the LMS tab completely for students in a breakout room
  • Names missing in assign box in breakout room dialogue box
  • Application crashes for the host instructor when joining a breakout room from the participant’s list
  • While in a breakout room, un-verifying a user will pin them under the podium
  • As participants return from breakout rooms to the main classroom, some users are un-verified in error
  • Instructors in breakout rooms without host privileges are not able to add a new LMS
  • Invitation to join a breakout room is sent to students after the Instructor leaves and rejoins the class
  • Instructor changing LMS closes the LMS tab completely for students in breakout rooms
  • The assign dropdown in the Breakout Room configuration screen does not display students that are already assigned to a Breakout Room
  • Participants are able to chat with users in other Breakout Rooms when they should not be able to
  • When creating three breakout rooms, only two are created
  • The archive option is not available
  • Chat History clears when the user leaves and rejoins a meeting
Class Management
  • Attendance and Dashboard pages will not display corresponding class data until the next release. This information is still being captured within our system and the display of these pages will soon be updated to restore access to this information for end-users
  • The text in the Copy Link button in the Japanese translation is cut off
Play Video
  • Error message not presented when a user attempts to save invalid URL
Screen Recording
  • Instructors crash when they start recording and then open and join a Breakout Room
Screen Sharing
  • Pop-up Message not displayed to the user when screen sharing stops
  • The “Music or Computer Sound Only” option in Advanced Share is not working
  • “More” button not available in the “You are Sharing” toolbar
Teaching Tools
  • The instructor is unable to launch other files from a list of uploaded files, after launching the first file on the list
  • Closing a Play Video tab without pausing the video first leaves the audio on
  • Instructors are able to launch an invalid URL via Browse the Web
  • Instructors are unable to edit and delete Share File activities
  • Instructors are unable to add students to office hours
  • Importing Assignments, Assessments, and Polls displays an error – it will still import
Zoom User
  • Zoom users do not receive web sidebar URL links in chat when joining a class
  • Zoom users do not show up on the participant’s list after verification
  • The video feed is not visible to other students
  • Active activities are not listed on the Zoom sidebar
  • Zoom users are not receiving the link for a shared file
General Use
  • Raising hand from the more menu from the participants’ list or the profile video tile does not show up
  • The Join Class dialog that allows users to input their display name currently allows for users to input a new line break by pressing the Enter button
  • Student/Participant role UI does not match when verifying user or changing role in menu
  • Option to navigate back from the Sign In page is missing
  • Non-host instructors are not able to add new LMS
  • Users sometimes have issues rejoining meetings
  • Class Cams can see instructor-only reactions in the sidebar
  • The TA role does not see the ‘Facilitator’ title in the sidebar when enhanced terminology customization is turned on

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