Release Notes

Version 2.0.0  — December 21st, 2021


This release includes the first iteration of proctor view or collaboration view.

Feature Additions

Included below are the additions we have made to Class for MacOS.


Proctor View/Collaboration View 
  • Admin users will be able to disable or enable Proctor View/Collaboration View for organizational use
  • Instructors and TAs can initiate proctoring mode and invite students to share their screens. Once accepted, they will be able to see a snapshot of their screen taken approximately every five seconds. They will be able to page through a view of their students and their respective screens for everyone currently in the class session
  • Instructors and TAs will be able to end proctoring for all students or specific students
  • Students will be able to accept or reject the proctor request. Once accepted, they will be able to share their screens with instructors and TAs
  • Students may exit an active proctoring session, which will notify their instructors


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class.

Seating Charts

  • Improved seating charts to more easily view the active speaker

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.


  • Fixed an issue where teachers recognized as students on Class home page
  • Fixed an issue where Admit All button no longer appeared
  • Fixed an issue where the Sidebar Never Loads and Stays at Black Screen



  • Fixed an issue where the link to download Class from the LMS was not downloading Class


Teaching Tools:

  • Fixed an issue where Dashboard does not load when using supported language for OS
  • Fixed an issue where Roster gave an error when primary OS language is set to Italian

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

  • Proctor view layout shows in the gallery view and the UI will be updated to more clearly outline the proctored screen for a given participant
  • Students are to bypass instructor-controlled video using touch bar media controls
  • Video feeds of participants in privacy mode are visible to other students who select Speaker View
  • When creating a new class, pasting a Zoom meeting ID with spaces displays an error due to the spaces
  • Users are unable to scroll through open tabs
  • Students cannot connect to meetings when using SAML meeting authentication
  • Edited name in the roster does not display in the sidebar or video tile
  • Intermittently, the web sidebar link is not sent in chat
  • Unverified users are able to communicate with verifies students
  • Sign In page navigates users to the page Instead of the Class home login
  • New Courses in Moodle Default to the Topics course format Instead of the CFZ Theme
  • Test activity incorrectly labeled as Quiz when selecting to preview results
  • Inaccuracies with student submission times
  • The button to close an assessment or grading report for an instructor or TA does not work when selecting the initial time
  • Pinning class camera under instructor does not work on the Japanese version

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