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Release Notes

Version 2.15 — July 20, 2023

Overview & Highlights

This release makes available Class’ next generation user interface, known as Class 2.0, as well as several design enhancements for the Class Schedule page and the Class LTI integration experience.

Zoom SDK Version: 5.15.2

Class minimum version as of this release: 2.11


Class 2.0 User Interface

  • Learning Tools is now a single side panel menu item that includes what was previously Teaching Tools and Class Management in one place for easy access. The Learning Tools button can be found on the toolbar on the bottom of the application.
  • Collaborate feature lets instructors launch documents for the class to work on together, including Google Docs (coming soon at the end of July) and MS Office 365. The Collaborate feature also now incorporates several other features that were previously found in the Teaching Tools menu including Whiteboard, Browse the Web, Play Video, and Share Files. The Collaborate button can be found on the toolbar at the bottom of the application.
  • Reactions menu and emojis – Participants have the option to share ALL emojis with everyone or limit visibility to only instructors and presenters. We’ve also added a few emojis to our menu, including 😲 (astonished), 🙄 (rolling-eyes), and 🎉 (party-popper).
  • Flexible UI Layouts – Participants will have the option to open the sidebar, typically anchored under the podium, in a new window. This means that multiple sidebar menus can now be viewed at the same time. Tabs now also go across the full width of the screen to increase the ability to share and access content. In addition, when viewing a shared screen or content, participants will also be able to open the gallery view in a new floating window.

For more information, refer to the Class 2.0 overview page.


Class LTI Integration Enhancements

The session listing screen has been redesigned to streamline the process of joining Class sessions and more clearly differentiate between previous and upcoming sessions. Users will also notice better performance with actions like editing Class settings and updating session topics.


Class Schedule Page Enhancements

Users viewing the Class schedule from within the Class application will now see a similar interface as what is available through the LTI integration.

Known Issues

  • Username/identity mismatches in macOS 11.X
  • Local recording files are being converted to audio-only
  • User may see “No Recent Activity” in Proctoring Screenshots
  • User may crash while joining BORs when using macOS 11.x
  • Mute all and clear reactions button in sidebar don’t work in demo class
  • Breakout Rooms are not sorted numerically
  • [LTI] Course sessions can overlap the same date/time
  • Sidebar and gallery reactions inconsistent [all platforms]
  • User in Warsaw Poland having issue scheduling class session for next day
  • No messaging in Class app for underpowered computers trying to use background images
  • Whiteboard Copy to clipboard as PNG does not work
  • More than one of the same Whiteboard image (PNG) does not persist when switching between whiteboard pages
  • You Must Sign in with Registered Account to Join this Webinar
  • Creating a Class from Existing Meeting creates a new meeting not associated with the existing ID
  • Students are bypassing the waiting room despite Zoom and Class settings
  • Unable to open Google Course Kit assignments in Canvas
  • Zoom Recordings not showing in Moodle LTI
  • Students in Class are missing from Chat, Proctor, Participants Panel, Etc
  • Web/Class App not displaying full chat messages when viewing Breakout chat
  • Teaching tools launched in breakout rooms fail to relaunch if left open when breakout rooms are closed
  • Co-Teachers cannot launch additional courses
  • Not having Host Permissions/Abilities when launching via Brightspace LTI

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