Release Notes

Version 2.8 — November 17, 2022


This release includes a new Health Check tool, improved application update prompts, and various enhancements and bug fixes.

Zoom SDK Version: 5.12.2


  • Added an application health check tool to improve monitoring of network bandwidth and device performance
  • Users that are not on the latest version will now be notified in several locations across the app
  • Added several updates to Waiting room and connection screen UI
  • Added the ability to add screenshots in the report a problem section
  • Added a configuration option to identify users by their external ID (as opposed to email address) in the LTI configuration workflow
  • Added the ability to authorize the Class for Zoom for users Zoom Marketplace application within the LTI launch process
  • Updated the display of the launch dialogs for teaching tools in Breakout Rooms to provide a more consistent display and experience across various tools

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where holding spacebar to drag in Whiteboard causes the user’s device to make an error tone repetitively
  • Resolved an issue where recordings where only available from the original instructor in the LTI integration, as opposed to all instructors
  • Resolved an issue where chat message labels overlap messages
  • Resolved several issues resulting in delays in the use of Admit All, Verify All, and Mute All
  • Resolved an issue where participants were unable to join class from Canvas/Moodle
  • Resolved an issue where instructors were unable to verify all users

Known Issues

  • Username/identity mismatches
  • Local recording files are being converted to audio-only
  • When a User is screen sharing and class is not their active window, focus time is not counted

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