Release Notes

Version 2.4 — May 24, 2022


This release includes course templates, LMS integrations hub, an update to the Zoom SDK to v5.10.3, and various enhancements and bug fixes.


Course templates
  • An “Instructional Designer” role has been created, which can be assigned to users by the Administrators via the Admin Portal
  • Instructional Designers and Administrators will have access to a new Template Manager from the Class home screen. They will be able to access the course template library and can edit, share, reuse reusable learning designs and scale offerings across an organization.
LMS Integrations Hub
  • Class’ LMS Integrations Hub is now a part of the Admin Portal and provides instructional technologists and systems administrators with a self-service experience for managing LMS integrations
Whiteboard feature toggle
  • Administrators can toggle availability of the Whiteboard feature in Class sessions across the organization


Breakout rooms
  • Instructors and assistants will be able to move participants between breakout rooms even after they have already been created and opened
Share Files
  • Instructors and assistants can now share additional file types via the “Share Files” tool in Class. They will be able to upload and launch to participants, who will also be able to access and download the files themselves. These include:
    • .ppt
    • .pptx
    • .txt
    • .rtf
    • .csv
    • .xls
    • .xlsx
Email invitations
  • Updated the language in email invitations to be clearer and improved overall UI and format
Proctor/Collaboration view
  • Instructors and assistants will now be able to view an enlarged view of a participant’s screen after they’ve accepted the proctor/collaboration request

  • A simulation of the proctor/collaboration view has been added to the Launch Demo Class experience

  • A small change to the UI has been made for participants sharing their screen for the toolbar that allows them to exit proctoring/collaboration 
  • UI/UX enhancements have been made to the Create New Class page, Share Files tool, and the All Breakout Rooms tab
  • When joining a session in Class, all users will no longer see the previous randomized loading messages

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

  • Fixed missing translation for the Instructor title on the profile video tile in the Japanese translated version of the Class application
Privacy mode
  • Fixed issue where participants were not able to see the privacy mode icon indicating that they have successfully turned on privacy mode

General use
  • Fixed issue some users were experiencing with turning on video or unmuting their audio

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address.

Breakout rooms
  • After breakout rooms are closed, some users return to the main session unverified
Play video
  • When launching an instructor-controlled video via “Play Video” tool, the video does not play for some students
Screen recording
  • When automatic recording is enabled, the recording status bar is not currently displayed
Screen sharing
  • When sharing only their audio, users see an empty gallery window
  • Statistics in the Zoom settings window are currently missing
  • Ability to change the location of a recording. By default, local recordings will be stored in ~/Documents/Class in the user’s home folder
General use
  • Some specific users are still experiencing issues with being unable to unmute their audio
  • Users are unable to scroll through open web tabs within the application
  • There are some issues with the user on the podium switching inconsistently

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