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Release Notes

Version 2.12 — March 30, 2023


This update introduces enhancements to Class Chat, Privacy Mode, and the session sign-in flow, as well as several bug fixes.

Please note, the application version has been updated to 2.X to align with the major versions of Class available for other platforms.

Zoom SDK Version: 2.9.5


Below are the improvements that are being made available as part of this release:

  • The Class Chat tool has been updated to improve the auto-scroll experience in sessions where many messages are being sent in rapid succession
  • Instructors can now use Proctor / Collaboration View and Share Screen at the same time to allow for more fluid collaboration with session participants
  • Participants who are using privacy mode will now have their video feed disabled when session recordings are started to ensure that their video is not captured in the recording
  • Class users can now be required to log in from the Class launch page to limit the need for in-session verification. This configuration is managed from the Class admin portal.
  • Class users will now see a dedicated tab for all session recordings, including those that are initiated outside of a scheduled session time, from the Class LTI home screen
  • Several improvements have been made to the Class platform APIs, including better support for scheduling deferred classes, updating classes, and deleting classes. Full details can be found at

Bug Fixes

Below are the high-priority bug fixes included in this release:

  • Resolved an issue where unverified users could see shared screen content
  • Resolved an issue where participants on Class for Web were not being shown in the Classroom gallery while Proctor / Collaboration View was in use
  • Fixed an issue where participants joining Class sessions were intermittently not being recorded in the Class attendance report

Known Issues

  • Proctoring screenshots are not updated for a web app instructor
  • Users are intermittently being asked to rejoin audio when entering/exiting BOR
  • In some instances, unverified users can see Screen Share content
  • In some instances, LMS pages do not launch
  • In some instances, instructors are unable to mute students
  • Some content launched through the Browse the Web tool and all web-based files launched through Share Files must be opened in an external tab; this will impact the Focus Time tracking for participants in the session
  • Annotations and Remote Control are not available as part of the suite of Screen Share tools based on the limitations of the Zoom Web SDK
  • The Participation View seating chart mode is not currently implemented in the web experience
  • In some cases, Webapp users are prompted only to join Breakout Group 1 when “allow participants to choose” is selected

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