Release Notes

Version 1.9.9 — November 18, 2021


This release is being made available to correct high-priority issues experienced by customers.

  • Dashboard has been restored and Instructors and TAs will be able to view aggregate participation data for a given class session. This participation data includes:
    • Instructor Talk Time
    • Student Talk Time
    • Times Students Spoke
    • Times Students Raised Hands
    • Avg. Student Talk Time
    • Times Students Gave Feedback
  • Instructors and TAs will be able to view student level participation data for a given class session. This participation data includes:
    • Talk time
    • Focus Time
    • Hand Raises
    • Feedback
  • Resolved issues occurring for some users who did not have access to audio from the Class application
  • Minor UI updates for the Roster
  • Resolved issue for instructors who were not able to use the “More” menu from the participants list after admitting a student from the waiting room
  • Resolved issue for instructors not able to admit all participants from the waiting room


  • Inside the LMS, all users assigned to a particular class will be able to:
    • View Class information
      • Class name
      • Meeting ID
    • View all class sessions (occurred and scheduled)
      • Access session recording if one exists
      • Time and date of session
      • Session topic
  • Inside the LMS, users registered as instructors within a particular LMS will also be able to change LMS classes in the following ways:
    • Edit these Class details:
      • Class Name, Class ID, School name, Description, Class passcode
    • Add / Edit class dates:
      • Add or edit these fields:
        • Start time and end time
        • Date start and date end
        • Days of the week
        • Time zone
        • Topic
    • Remove scheduled dates

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

Breakout Rooms
  • Host instructors are not able to see the “Join” option from the participants list
  • All Breakout Rooms tab opens intermittently when changing the Chat permissions
  • Clicking on the Class application icon when the application is already open will re-launch the application and display an error
  • Advanced Screen Sharing settings sometimes missing the “Instructors” label

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