Release Notes

Version 2.0.4 — January 13, 2022


This release includes an update to the Class installer that will have the required WebView2 package included, removing the additional manual step for any users who download Class via this installer. 

Known Issues

Breakout Rooms
  • Host Instructors are unable to join breakout rooms from the participant’s list or All Breakout Rooms tab
  • While in breakout rooms, some instructors are experiencing instability and crashing
  • Windows Breakout Room is mislabeled in Japanese
  • There are various issues for the Class application when Russian is the selected language
  • Some missing translations in the Spanish translation of the Class application when annotating
  • For the Japanese translation of the Class, the settings screen is in English
Screen Recording
  • When local or cloud recording is disabled at an account or organization-level the Record button is missing in Class
  • Selecting local recording sometimes does not work
Screen Sharing
  • In the Advanced Screen Share options, the term “Instructor” is missing in one of the options
  • Unable to share screen and sound at the same time
Teaching Tools
  • Drag and Drop functionality is not working in Share Files
  • Users receive no notification when downloading files
  • When attempting to share a video or browse a website, you cannot right-click in the fields to copy or paste text
  • Users are not able to switch between school domains without clearing their cache
  • Students invited via roster are not automatically verified upon entering Class
  • Closing the Class Windows application logs you out
  • When clicking on the application icon while Class is already open, users will see an error
  • Certain .jpg files are not compatible with the Virtual Background, workaround is to use a .png file
  • Instructors joining meetings are sometimes unverified and not on the podium
  • Installing Class invalidates Zoom SSO Token

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