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Release Notes

Version 2.17 — September 28, 2023

Overview & Highlights

This release introduces several updates to the Class Whiteboard as well as several new capabilities for Class Administrators.

Zoom SDK Version: 5.16.1

Class minimum version as of this release: 2.12


Class Whiteboard Enhancements

The individual who made an annotation is now captured in Actions dialog for a specific annotation tool. Individual Whiteboards now support a “Control Board” that allows for content to be pushed to a participant’s page. The Control Board also works with Presenter Mode to allow for directing participants’ attention to specific regions of a board.


Chat Export

The Chat tool now supports downloading the “Everyone” and Breakout Room chat threads from either the Class Admin Portal or the Class Scheduler view. The downloaded file will be a CSV with distinct columns for timestamp, sender, text, and visibility status.

Delegating / Claiming Host from Admin Portal

This capability provides administrators with the ability to reassign a Class to a new host while keeping the roster and Class schedule in place. Only instructors already present on the class roster can be upgraded to the lead instructor / host of the session.

Google Drive Integration

Class’ Google Drive integration has been approved by the Google integrations team. Once enabled in the admin portal, instructors on macOS and Windows will now have the ability to search for files in their Google Drive, update and manage permissions for files, and launch that content to other users in the session.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where learners being proctored on Class for Web showed “no recent activity” after accepting an invite;
  • Fixed an issue with “No activity detected” on All Breakout rooms tab on Windows app;
  • Fixed broken Chat window issue when transitioning between Breakout rooms;
  • Several Screen Share and Annotation fixes on Windows;
  • Addressed an issue where classes created without a passcode would show a misleading error on Class edit form;

Known Issues

  • Participant chat messages aren’t saved in local recordings
  • In some isolated instances, instructors do not have co-host privileges in Class sessions
  • In cases where learners enter a Class session without being added to the roster, this can lead to quiz exports not reporting on these learners’ activity
  • Instructor sees a blank Whiteboard when students present their individual Whiteboard
  • In some cases, “No Activity Detected” is displayed on All Breakout Rooms tab
  • In some rare cases, users see error on launching Whiteboard

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