Release Notes

Version 2.2.3  — April 7, 2022


This release includes an update to the Zoom SDK to v5.10.1, enhancements to screen sharing, and bug fixes.


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class for Windows.

Zoom SDK
  • Zoom SDK for the Windows platform has been updated to v5.10.1
Screen sharing
  • Users sharing their screen will see a new and improved version of the floating gallery, with the ability to sort by seating charts when in gallery or stacked view
  • Users viewing a screen-share will now have the ability to select different view options to zoom in or out at different levels
  • All users viewing a screen-share in full screen will now be able to view chats and reactions even while in full-screen mode
  • Instructors and TAs viewing a screen-share in full screen will be able to view and lower any raised hands
General use
  • Clarified language and updated design for dialog displayed to participants waiting to be admitted from the waiting room

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

Breakout rooms
  • Fixed issue where users with co-host privileges would crash when creating or opening breakout rooms if another user with host or co-host privileges joined from a mobile device
  • Fixed issue for co-hosts in breakout rooms not able to see an accurate capture of who has joined breakout rooms
  • Fixed missing translation issue in Japanese translated application for the waiting room message
  • Fixed issue where users with devices set to Japanese were not able to use the breakout room chat
General use
  • Fixed an issue with the application opening multiple times for instructors joining a class
  • Fixed issue where certain JPEG files were not supported as a virtual background
  • Fixed issue in meeting information dialog where users were unable to view which apps were accessing content in the session

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

Breakout Rooms
  • Intermittently, breakout chats disappear after joining and leaving a breakout room
  • Zoom users occasionally do not display in the all breakout rooms tab
Class details
  • Instructors that edit their class settings when authentication is required view authentication as not being required
  • Alternative hosts that edit class details see all fields as blank
  • Intermittently, creating classes on for individual days at the same time different days creates classes for the range of those dates
  • Breakout room dialog labels for Japanese translated application are incorrect
  • Japanese translation of instructor in the admin portal is partially incorrect
Screen sharing
  • There has been one reported issue with instructors being unable to share their screen
Screen recording
  • When automatic recording is enabled, the recording status bar is not currently displayed
  • Intermittently, the unverified icon does not appear in the sidebar
  • Intermittently, the absent student list is missing from the participant panel
Zoom user
  • Zoom user sees blank page when instructor launches Browse the Web and Survey
  • Verifying a zoom user that changes their name does not update the sidebar verification status
  • Zoom users sometimes get unverified when joining and leaving breakout rooms
  • Zoom users sometimes become unverified after opening the web sidebar
General use
  • Installing Class invalidates the Zoom SSO token, users navigating to their organizations domain will be required to log in again
  • Issues saving a new class when a user’s system language settings are not English
  • Instructors that fail to add students to their roster due to insufficient Zoom permissions do not receive any kind of error feedback
  • Opening the Agenda when the demo is set to ‘Corporate’ will display an error message
  • Disabling the gradebook in the admin panel does not disable the gradebook in Class
  • Intermittent issues with instructors entering a session with a different name
  • Intermittent issues with the Zoom cloud recording links not displaying
  • Intermittent issues with instructors / TAs promoted during a Class unable to see proctored students screens
  • Users are unable to view .doc files that are displayed in the Share Files tool

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