Release Notes

Version 2.2  — February 24, 2022


This release includes closed captioning, Proctor / Collaboration View in the Demo Class tool, enhancements to breakout rooms and Proctor / Collaboration View, and bug fixes.

Feature Additions

Included below are the additions we have made to Class for Windows.

Closed captioning

Host instructors will now have the ability to enable closed captions for their classes to benefit audio-impaired participants or learners who need additional support to follow along. Once enabled, verified participants will be able to toggle the display of closed captions for audio in the main Classroom. Instructors will have the options to enable:

  • Live voice-to-text closed captioning
  • Manual closed captioning
    • Instructors will have the option to manually input closed captions or assign another verified participant to do so. 

This feature is not compatible with breakout rooms, and will automatically be disabled during Proctor / Collaboration View. Host instructors will have the option to re-enable it during Proctor / Collaboration View if desired.

Proctoring / Collaboration View Demo Tool
  • Instructors using the Demo Class tool will be able to familiarize themselves with our Proctor / Collaboration Views outside of a live Class session. This will help instructors to prepare for and plan to implement proctoring and collaboration initiatives within Class. The Chromebook and Web platforms will not yet have Proctoring in the demo experience available for this release


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class for Windows.

Breakout rooms
  • Participants who are assigned a room but do not have the option to move freely between rooms will now be able to join their assigned room, even after they initially decline the invite
Proctor/Collaboration View
  • The language on the request to initiate proctor/collaboration view to participants has been updated to be more clearly communicate that all monitors will be captured during the session
  • Instructors and TAs will be able to view a maximized view of screenshots capturing participants’ screens
General use
  • Loading messages that may potentially be confusing to users have been removed
  • When selecting to close the Class application window, host instructors will see the option to End Class for All from this method of closing as well

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

  • Fixed issue where the settings dialog was not fully translated into Japanese
  • Fixed issues launching the Class application in Russian (this language is not available in  Class)
Privacy mode
  • Corrected the privacy mode menu to display the proper term for Students and Teachers
Teaching Tools
  • Fixed issue where participants are unable to input text into the assignment submission text field
  • Fixed issue where Tests were mislabeled as Quizzes in various places
General use
  • Fixed issue where users are not able to switch between different organizational domains without first clearing their cache. This issue is resolved so long as the folders in which the cache files are stored are not locked
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to close their screen share if they leave a breakout room during their screen share
  • Fixed issue where new organizations would be unable to create classes
  • Fixed issue where some participants would see duplicate messages

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

Breakout Rooms
  • There are instability issues with the application crashing for co-hosts or preventing them from re-joining a breakout room in this specific scenario:
    • Cohost enters a breakout room
    • Cohost leaves breakout room
    • Breakout rooms close
    • Breakout rooms open again
  • Intermittently, breakout chats disappear after joining and leaving a breakout room
  • Participants that are exchanged in a breakout room by the instructor will not receive launched activities
  • Alternative hosts are unable to launch a course from the LMS if students are the first to join
  • When joining through LTI, user has to be logged in to class to be the host of the meeting
  • Intermittently, students receive an error when launching their Class through the LMS
  • Cloud recording links do not show up on the LMS page
  • Intermittently, classes created through an LMS default time zone to America/New York
  • Instructors can’t add a new LMS in the LMS tool in a class created through LTI
Screen sharing
  • There has been one reported issue with an instructor being unable to share their screen
Screen recording
  • When automatic recording is enabled, the recording status bar is not currently displayed
  • There are intermittent issues with the audio notification of the meeting being recorded playing
Teaching Tools
  • Participant submission timestamps for activities are not matching their system’s clock
  • Instructors and assistants are not able to close the Assessment grading report via the close button but only via a button that closes the window
General use
  • Refreshing the sidebar will cause it to become blank
  • Installing Class invalidates the Zoom SSO token, users navigating to their organization domain will be required to log in again
  • Users are unable to use certain JPEG files as virtual backgrounds
  • Issues saving a new class when a user’s system language settings are not English
  • Intermittently, the unverified icon does not appear on the sidebar
  • Users that have not authorized the ‘class for users’ app are unable to add students to the roster, and are not notified in the app
  • Launch Page does not Redirect Properly when HTTPS Prefix is not Entered
  • Intermittently, teachers Enters Class as a Student with a Different Name
  • Japanese translation of instructor in the admin portal is partially incorrect
  • Verifying a zoom user that changes their name does not update the sidebar verification status

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