Release Notes

Version 2.4 — May 26, 2022


This release includes course templates, LMS integrations hub, remote control, stereo support, an update to the Zoom SDK to v5.10.3, and various enhancements and bug fixes.


Course templates
  • An “Instructional Designer” role has been created, which can be assigned to users by the Administrators via the Admin Portal
  • Instructional Designers and Administrators will have access to a new Template Manager from the Class home screen. They will be able to access the course template library and can edit, share, reuse reusable learning designs and scale offerings across an organization.
LMS Integrations Hub
  • Class’ LMS Integrations Hub is now a part of the Admin Portal and provides instructional technologists and systems administrators with a self-service experience for managing LMS integrations
Whiteboard feature toggle
  • Administrators can toggle availability of the Whiteboard feature in Class sessions across the organization
Remote control
  • Participants can now request access for remote control of the user sharing their screen and stop their remote control at any time
  • Participants sharing their screen can now grant remote control access to any other user in the session and can stop the remote control at any time
Stereo support
  • Class on Windows supports stereo sound, and users can enable it from their settings window in the Audio tab


Breakout rooms
  • Instructors and assistants will be able to move participants between breakout rooms even after they have already been created and opened
Email invitations
  • Updated the language in email invitations to be clearer and improved overall UI and format
Navigating to Class Support
  • Selecting “Class Support” from your user profile menu will now open a new browser tab instead of an embedded web view for easier navigation and viewing
Proctor/Collaboration view
  • When an instructor, assistant, or learner has ended proctor view, a text has been added to inform instructors and assistants on the video profile tile
Share Files
  • Instructors and assistants can now share additional file types via the “Share Files” tool in Class. They will be able to upload and launch to participants, who will also be able to access and download the files themselves. These include:
    • .ppt
    • .pptx
    • .txt
    • .rtf
    • .csv
    • .xls
    • .xlsx
General use
  • Memory optimizations have been made to reduce runtime footprint of the Class on Windows application
  • UI/UX enhancements have been made to notifications and dialogs shown to users when:
    • They are joining a session – they will now see a “Your session is loading” message instead of the previously randomized loading messages
    • They have been muted
    • They have received a request to start their video
    • They have received a request to start their audio and unmute
    • They have been modified
  • UI/UX enhancements have been made to the Create New Class page, Share Files tool, and the All Breakout Rooms tab

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

General use
  • Fixed delay in sidebar reloading for participants experience network connectivity issues

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address.

Screen recording
  • When automatic recording is enabled, the recording status bar is not currently displayed


  • Labeling of breakout rooms for Japanese localized users is incorrect
  • Instructor titles on admin portal are mistranslated in japanese


  • Demo users adding students to roster receive an error
  • Student roles in the demo can launch breakout rooms
  • Opening the Agenda when the demo is set to ‘Corporate’ will throw an error


  • Certain LMS class owners do not become hosts when launching Class through LTI
  • Updating a users’ role in their LMS does not update that role in Class
  • The roster fails to load for classes created through LTI
  • Zoom Cloud Recording Links intermittently do not show up

Breakout rooms:

  • Host / co-host sidebar labels are hidden when breakout rooms are launched
  • Allow learners to Choose’ and ‘Allow learners to change rooms’ have the same behavior
  • Intermittently, breakout chats disappear after joining and leaving a breakout room



  • Whiteboard page creation will sometimes create duplicate page numbers
  • Font changes in Whiteboard don’t persist on Chromebook and Windows
  • Assistants can’t view students’ individual whiteboard pages
  • Intermittently, users’ last names are duplicated on their individual whiteboards
  • Intermittently, whiteboard presenter mode displays incorrect presenting user
  • Intermittently, whiteboard presenter mode is not centered on presenters’ drawing
  • Intermittently, users can’t view whiteboard drawings


Browse the web:

  • Browse the web: Some valid URLs fail as invalid


Vanilla zoom:

  • Intermittently, vanilla zoom users cannot be verified
  • Messages sent on vanilla Zoom chat are not displayed in the Class chat
  • In the all breakout rooms tab, rooms with only zoom users have a broken image icon
  • Unverified vanilla zoom users don’t routinely appear in the unverified sidebar section
  • Intermittently, unverified zoom users don’t appear as unverified in the video gallery
  • Vanilla zoom web sidebar polls and web pages have different UX for mac and windows
  • Vanilla zoom users only get access to the first web content that is shared
  • Zoom user sees blank page when instructor launches Browse the Web and Survey
  • Zoom users do not appear in Breakout Room tab
  • Verifying a zoom user that changes their name does not update the sidebar verification status
  • Zoom users sometimes get unverified when joining and leaving breakout rooms
  • Zoom users sometimes become unverified after opening the web sidebar
General use
  • Installing Class invalidates the Zoom SSO token, users navigating to their organizations domain will be required to log in again
  • Class name appears in meeting description field of meeting info panel
  • Meetings longer than two hours clear the chat
  • Instructors on pod5-uswest1 receive an error upon creating a course
  • Admit all button doesn’t give visual indication of being clicked
  • Disabling LMS in the Admin Settings does not remove it from the Class App
  • Newly promote instructors are unable to use dashboard / roster / attendance
  • Intermittently, creating classes on for individual days at the same time different days creates classes for the range of those dates
  • Unable to Sign-in Using Google with Gmail Account from Mac or Windows
  • Intermittently, the unverified icon does not appear in the sidebar
  • Intermittently, the absent student list is missing from the participant panel
  • Instructors that fail to add students to their roster due to insufficient Zoom permissions do not receive any kind of error feedback
  • Intermittently, teachers Enters Class as a Student with a Different Name
  • More Button in Breakout Rooms Unresponsive After Certain Triggers
  • Intermittently, instructors / TAs promoted during a Class do not see proctored students screens
  • Users with the same name cause issues within Class
  • Unable to create a class without a password even if one is not set in Zoom
  • Unable to open and view uploaded course files when Google is blocked

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