Release Notes

Version 2.5 —  July 19, 2022


This release includes breakout room timers, broadcast messages, clear all reactions/lower all hands, enhancements, bug fixes, major stability improvements with respect to socket connections, and an upgrade to Zoom SDK version There is also a new MSI installer, which allows users to install and receive updates on their devices without administrative rights. For more information regarding MSI, find our documentation here


Breakout room timers
  • Instructors or assistants creating breakout rooms will now have the option to select the number of minutes breakout rooms will be open before they automatically close
  • Instructors or assistants creating breakout rooms will now have the option to set a countdown timer for when breakout rooms close. If configured, all participants in breakout rooms will see a toast notification displaying the number of seconds left before rooms close, providing a smoother transition back into the main session

Broadcast messages to breakout rooms
  • This feature has returned – instructors and assistants will once again be able to broadcast messages to participants in breakout rooms. Participants will receive the message in the form of a toast notification to provide a minimally disruptive notification. If your Windows device does not have toast notifications enabled, see the guide on how to enable them.
Class access
  • On the Configuration page under Class access, admins can choose to hide from the launch page the following options to join Class:
    • Link to join via Class on Web
    • Link to Download Class application
    • Link to join via Zoom
Clear all reactions and lower all hands
  • Instructors and assistants now have the option to clear all reactions of all users and to lower all raised hands so that they can better interact with and pose questions to participants. These actions are available in both the Participants list, the main toolbar, and are also keyboard accessible. You can find a list of all Windows keyboard shortcuts here.



  • Users can chat to “Everyone” from the All Messages thread
Remote control
  • Screen sharers can now select to automatically accept all remote control requests. This can be disabled at any time.
Screen sharing
  • Screen sharing permission labeling has been updated to be clearer, as permissions can only be granted in these two groups:
    • Host instructor
    • Everyone else
Waiting room
  • Host instructors will receive a toast notification when someone has joined their waiting room and will have the option to admit them or everyone in the waiting room from the “options” menu. Toast notifications must be enabled for the Class application, if you are not sure how to do that, you can see it here.
  • Admins may now initiate LTI diagnostic mode to better troubleshoot set-up issues in a specific LTI integration
  • Given that LTI diagnostic mode has been turned on by an admin for an integration, LMS users may click the ‘Launch’ button in order to troubleshoot their integration and view the following information:
    • The raw data that is transferred
    • User level warnings based on this data

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with disabling LMS from Admin Settings 
  • Fixed issues with chat not sending in longer sessions
  • Fixed issues with chat occasionally clearing when the websocket disconnects
  • Fixed translation for participants in waiting rooms for the Japanese version of the Class application
  • Fixed intermittent issues with users being unable to view whiteboard drawings
  • Fixed issue where images that were copied and pasted to other pages were not displaying 
General use
  • Major improvements to product stability with respect to web socket connections have been made, fixing issues related to unexpected sidebar refreshes and chat functionality in long-running meetings
  • Fixed issue where the gallery was disappearing after instructors shared a file
  • Fixed issue where changing the display name from the roster did not update the video profile tile
  • Fixed issue where the “Raise hand” button was not changing to “Lower hand”
  • Fixed issue where the “Admit All” button does not change state when selected

Known Issues

Breakout rooms
  • Instructor is not able to see the chat thread for a breakout room after joining and leaving it
  • Intermittent issues with the “more” button in breakout rooms being unresponsive on the sidebar
  • Issues with duplicate users showing as unverified when using breakout rooms
  • Issues with users getting unverified when joining and leaving a breakout room
  • Issue where the Host/Co-Host labels in the Participant list disappear when breakout rooms are launched
  • Issues with chat not navigating the user to the newest message
Screen recording
  • When automatic recording is enabled, the recording status bar is not currently displayed
  • Local recordings are only stored in the default location: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Zoom\
General use
  • Installing Class invalidates the Zoom SSO token, users navigating to their organizations domain will be required to log in again

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