Release Notes

Version 2.7.25 —  October 27, 2022


This release is to improve the overall performance of the Windows application.

The SDK version is version 5.12.0 (9016)

Bug Fixes

Below are the high-priority bug fixes included in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where race condition where socket reconnect logic can kick in when transitioning to/from BOR
  • Resolved an issue where the Options Toolbar will now appear at the bottom of the screen for all users.
  • Resolved an issue where the Full-screen toolbar does not show up when the user is sharing a screen, and the display size is set to more than 100%
  • Fixed an issue in Screen share: seeing a notification window when Instructor/TA ends the class seeing during screen sharing
  • Fixed an issue Fullscreen & Floating toolbar: “Share with Instructor/Presenters” text was missing inside the reactions menu
  • Fixed an issue in Live proctor view where the “annotation” toolbar disappeared behind the screen
  • Resolved an issue where in Live proctor view had No “reset” option after changing the size
  • Resolved an issue in Live Proctor view where “Request Remote control” button does nothing
  • Resolved an issue in Full screen where Instructor/TA couldn’t start local recording
  • Resolved an issue in Screen share where Participant see the screen sharing tab when unverified by instructor/TA
  • Resolved an issue where redundant Join Messages can lead to invalid JWT being stored
  • Resolved an issue when user join class/BOR after screen share has started, the joined user does not see a screen share tab
  • Resolved an issue in BOR where Invitations persist on-screen even rooms are closed
  • Resolved an issue where Live Proctor options were not appearing sometimes for windows users
  • Resolved an issue where User is unable to view instructor screen share
  • Resolved an issue where For sending one Bat signal receiving couple of toast notifications
  • Resolved an issue in Screen share where no “stop recording” button when recoding paused from floating toolbar
  • Resolved an issue where Instructor cannot pause or stop local recordings
  • Resolved an issue where Proctor Expansion View Controls were Not Functioning Properly
  • Resolved an issue where Floating toolbar had Students reactions’ remain highlighted/checked despite being cleared
  • Resolved an issue Floating toolbar: Student/participant seeing ‘clear all reactions’ inside reactions
  • Resolved an issue where “Update required” pop up displaying despite being on the latest build to our internal user
  • Resolved an issue where “This Meeting is Being Recorded” Dialogue Won’t Go Away
  • Fixed an issue with Recording: context menu different for computer and cloud when recording paused
  • Fixed an issue where Remove from Podium doesn’t remove Windows user
  • Fixed an issue in Share Screen where Buttons were missing text inside the advanced tab
  • Fixed an issue where Screen sharing an application window doesn’t have a WindowClosed event to listen to
  • Fixed an issue where the Class App does not scale correctly on Windows devices scaled greater than 100%
  • Canvas [LMS] launched within Class refreshes back to homepage when users enter/exit BOR
  • “Check for updates” button is not responsive when user on latest build
  • Screen share: Instructors and Assistants terminology is not sentence case in advanced settings

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