Release Notes

Version 2.8 —  November 17, 2022


This release has various fixes to improve the overall performance of the Windows application that includes the Health Check functionality, update prompts, and various UI updates to improve the end-user experience.

The SDK version is version 5.12.0 (9016)

Please Note: You must use your domain URL to update to v2.9, as the “Check for updates” flow will not allow updates on V2.8. This bug is resolved in the release, V2.9.


  • Added an application health check tool to improve monitoring of network bandwidth and device performance
  • Users that have installed the application using the .exe file will be notified if they are not on the latest version will be notified in several locations across the app
  • Added a setting to allow a user to disable sidebar collapse automatically during screen share
  • Microphone and video states will now be preserved for an individual when moving into/out of Breakout Rooms
  • Improved notifications for instructional team members when participants enter the waiting room
  • In cases where a user changes their device display settings during a Class session, the application will now prompt users to restart the application to ensure that Class workflows adjust to the new settings
  • The Windows system toast notifications have been deprecated in favor of custom notifications that are more detailed
  • Added a configuration option to identify users by their external ID (as opposed to email address) in the LTI configuration workflow
  • Added the ability to authorize the Class for Zoom for users Zoom Marketplace application within the LTI launch process
  • Updated the display of the launch dialogs for teaching tools in Breakout Rooms to provide a more consistent display and experience across various tools

Bug Fixes

Below are the high-priority bug fixes included in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where a user does not see a screen share tab when joining class/BOR after screen share had started
  • Fixed an issue where focus time was not being counted when a user was screen sharing, and Class was not their active window
  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to view the instructor screen share
  • Resolved an issue where an instructor could not pause or stop local recordings
  • Resolved an issue where the app would intermittently freeze during Proctor View
  • Resolved an issue where the Class App did not scale correctly on Windows devices scaled greater than 100%
  • Fixed an issue where Proctor Expansion View Controls were not functioning properly
  • Fixed an issue where a user on a Class launched from Canvas [LMS] refreshes back to the homepage when users enter/exit BOR
  • Fixed an issue where the Floating Gallery would not hide behind All New pop-ups/menus
  • Fixed an issue where the “This Meeting is Being Recorded” dialogue could not be dismissed
  • Resolved an issue where recordings where only available from the original instructor in the LTI integration, as opposed to all instructors
  • Resolved an issue where chat message labels overlap messages
  • Resolved several issues resulting in delays in the use of Admit All, Verify All, and Mute All
  • Resolved an issue where participants were unable to join class from Canvas/Moodle
  • Resolved an issue where instructors were unable to verify all users
  • Resolved an issue where font changes in Whiteboard don’t persist on Chromebook and Windows

Known Issues

  • [Sync Button on Headset] setting is not functional
  • Unknown Failure to start screen sharing Zoom SDK Error
  • BOR: User didn’t receive invite when it’s open from instructor

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