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Participant Accessibility with Assistive Technology

Last updated: September 12, 2022.

Blackboard is fully committed to ensuring all products and services we deliver are both usable and accessible to all users regardless of age, ability, or situation. In keeping with our strong tradition of leadership around accessibility, our products are designed and developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA as well as the Section 508 standards in the United States. A third party conducts regular audits of our software to ensure quality expectations are being met and maintained.


More on Class’s commitment to accessibility:

Best screen reader experience

  • Full-screen reader support of all key workflows.
  • Global keyboard shortcuts for common actions. There are additional keyboard shortcuts. To learn more, see Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Screen reader support for whiteboard activities and uploaded files, without requiring complex conversions.

Live closed captioning. To learn more, see Captions.

Screen reader browser support

  • For the best Class Collaborate experience with your screen reader use ChromeTM and JAWS on a Windows® system. On a Mac® use Safari® and VoiceOver.
    • Windows
      • Chrome with JAWS
    • macOS
      • Safari with VoiceOver
      • Chrome with VoiceOver (provisional)

Keyboard navigation

  • Industry-standard keyboard interactions are used throughout Class Collaborate. Keyboard navigation patterns differ between browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome), but the interactions within any particular browser are common and consistent.If you are using a Mac with Firefox or Safari and are having difficulty navigating using your keyboard, review and update your operating system and browser settings. This ensures they are properly configured for keyboard navigation. To learn more, see the following information:

    Global keyboard shortcuts have been established for common actions within Class Collaborate. Additional keyboard shortcuts include the following:

    • To turn the microphone on and off, press Alt + M in Windows. On a Mac, press Option + M.
    • To turn the camera on and off, press Alt + C in Windows. On a Mac, press Option + C.
    • To raise and lower your hand, press Alt + H in Windows. On a Mac, press Option + H.

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