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Participate in Breakout Groups with Assistive Technology

Last updated: September 12, 2022.

Participate in breakout groups

  1. After a moderator starts breakout groups, screen reader users hear Starting breakout groups; You’ll be in group [#] and the same message in text appears on the screen.
  2. The Breakout Group has these high-level features:
    • Session Menu
    • My Status and Settings
    • AudioVideo, and Raise Hand controls
    • Switch Mode Toggle Button
    • Collaborate Panel
  3. Go to the Open Collaborate Panel button.
  4. Spacebar or select Open Collaborate Panel button to open the Collaborate panel.
  5. The Collaborate panel has these four-tab panels:
    • Chat
    • Attendees
    • Share Content
    • My Settings
  6. Use Left and Right Arrow keys or select the tab name to go between the tabs.

Switch groups

Moderators must allow attendees to switch groups. If you can’t find Join [group name], you can’t switch groups.

  1. Go to the Attendees tab. From the Collaborate panel, Spacebar or select Attendees to open the Attendees panel.
  2. Go the panel to know what groups you can join.
  3. Spacebar or select Join [group name].
  4. The message “Moving to: [group name] Your audio and video are being connected to the group. Please wait to speak until you are connected.” is while you are moved.
  5. To find focus, Tab to the next button or the Chat tab.

Breakout group features

Everyone in the group is a presenter and can share content in the group. Visit the moderator accessibility pages to learn more.