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Browser Support

Last updated: September 12, 2022.

Collaborate requires a modern web browser with WebRTC support.

Collaborate requires certain permissions to function as desired. For example, Collaborate needs permission to access your camera and microphone so you can use audio and video. Give Collaborate permission when asked, and/or set up permissions in browser preferences.

Collaborate doesn’t require or use plugins. All you need is one of the supported browsers.

Want to understand our browser support approach? Jump to Browser Support Policy.

Supported browsers

Collaborate only supports the most recent two stable channel releases of browsers.

Browser Desktop Mobile
Google Chrome Windows®, macOS, Ubuntu Android

Firefox ESR is not supported

Windows, macOS Not supported
Safari®  macOS 10.13+ iOS® 14+, iPadOS
Microsoft Edge® (Chromium) Windows, macOS Android, iOS

Certified browsers and operating systems

Class Collaborate is regularly certified against the following combinations of browsers and operating systems. These combinations also reflect the areas of strongest support.

Browser Desktop Mobile
Google Chrome Windows 10 & 11, macOS 10.14+ Android 9+
Firefox Windows 10 & 11, macOS 10.14+ Not supported
Safari macOS 10.14+ iOS 14+
Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Windows, macOS Android, iOS

For macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, only the latest two major releases of each operating system are certified, using the most recent stable release of Safari on each system.

For Windows, only Windows 10 is certified.

Only the most recent two stable channel releases of Chrome or Firefox are certified. When new versions of operating systems or browsers are available, the older ones drop to provisional support.

In some cases, and in particular for iOS and ChromeOS devices, the providers set a date after which they won’t allow their devices upgrade to recent versions of applications and browsers like Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can influence. If you stay on an unsupported old browser, your experience with Collaborate will be impacted. It may impact your ability to join a session. Keep the impact in mind when considering the lifecycle of your device.

Tip: Google publishes in advance the update expiration date of ChromeOS devices.

Provisionally supported browsers and operating systems

The following combinations of browsers and operating systems are tested infrequently. They are supported, but in some cases, minor features might not be available, and using a certified combination is highly recommended.

Browser Desktop Mobile
Google Chrome Windows 8, macOS 10.13+, Ubuntu Android 8, Chromebook
Firefox Windows 8, macOS 10.13+  
Safari macOS 10.13+ iOS 13, iPadOS

Other Linux distributions may be operational with Chrome and/or Firefox but are not tested and not supported.

Virtual Machines may be operational with any of the above operating system and browser combinations, but are not tested and not supported.

Unsupported browsers

Unsupported browsers may work properly with Class Collaborate. If you experience issues, update your browser and operating system to the latest version. If after the update you’re still experiencing the same issue you may have your administrator submit a support case on Class Community and Support.

Attention: When providers have decided to end support for their own browsers and operating systems, we have to as well.

  • Support for Internet Explorer was dropped on March 21, 2019 due to dropping support for Flash plugins.
  • Support for Windows 7 will end on January 1, 2021 due to all support from Microsoft ending in January 2020.
  • Firefox ESR is not supported.

Application sharing

Application Sharing is available on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Chromium), and Safari with no plugins required. 

Application sharing is not available on mobile devices and tablets. If you want to share your screen or application, you must be on a desktop computer.


If you are sharing a video, you always see a preview of your video. This is on every browser and every device.

If other attendees are sharing their videos, the number you can see depends on your browser and device.

    • Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge (Chromium): up to 25 videos with Gallery view
  • Gallery view isn’t available in Safari® on iOS or iPadOS at this time.
  • FireFox: 2 videos
  • Sessions greater than 250: 2 videos

Resolution supported

  • Attendee video: Up to 640 x 360 (minimum 320 x 180)
  • Share Camera: Up to 1280 x 720 (minimum 640 x 360)

Tip: For the best experience when you use the Share Camera feature, use the maximum resolution. Learn more about the share camera feature.

Screen reader browser support

For the best Class Collaborate experience with your screen reader use Chrome and JAWS on a Windows® system. On a Mac® use Safari® and VoiceOver.

  • Windows
    • Chrome with JAWS
  • macOS
    • Safari with VoiceOver
    • Chrome with VoiceOver (provisional)