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Participant FAQs

Last updated: September 12, 2022.

My instructor gave me a room to present my project to the class. How do I show my presentation?

Confirm that your instructor gave you presenter or moderator privileges to the room. As a presenter or moderator use Share Content to share a blank whiteboard, an application, or a file. If you are showing a PowerPoint presentation, select Share Files for the best experience for everyone. Best of luck with the presentation!

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I’m having trouble seeing what is on the screen. Can I make it bigger?

Yes. You can zoom in on a whiteboard or file that is being shared. You can also enlarge captions if you are viewing them. Double-click on the item to make it bigger.

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I can’t hear anything. Can I change the volume?

Adjust your microphone and speaker volume in My Settings. Point to your avatar image to open My Settings. Click Audio and Video Settings.

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I can’t find my audio button. How do I turn my audio on?

The moderator may have turned off your audio in their session. Moderators can turn off audio, video, chat, and edit tools in their sessions.

How do I change my name and email address?

If you join from a course, your institution administrator provides your name and email address. You can’t change it.

If you join from a link, the name you join with is the name that appears.