Last updated: May 12, 2022.

Session attendance report

The Session attendance report provides an overview of attendees who joined a session (for attendance purposes), what time they joined the session, what time they left the session, and how long each attendee was in the session.

Managers can view Session attendance reports for all sessions. Moderators can view Session attendance reports for only their own sessions. Administrators can export this data in a printable view or in CSV format, directly from the Collaborate Scheduler.

Metric report

The Metric report is designed to provide a detailed overview of your Collaborate usage. Information includes the frequency and scale your institution is using so you can make informed decisions about the service.

Only managers can download the Metric report.

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Recording report

This report provides managers with data about their institution’s recordings. This data includes the recording name, a link to the recording, recording creation date and time, and the total duration of the recording.

Only managers can download the Recording report.

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Attendance report

This report provides administrators with an overview of all sessions, and session attendee details, beyond what is in the Session attendance report. This may include the time the session was opened, the time the session was closed, each attendee’s join time, and their leave time.

Only managers can download the Attendance report.

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