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Captions Reports

Last updated: May 12, 2022.

The Recordings’ captions report allows managers to track their institution use of captions in recordings on their own at any time. This report shows the total minutes of captions used in recordings as of the day generated. This visibility makes anticipating for contractual adjustments much easier.

This report shows the total used in minutes no matter its quantity: ’01 mins used’, ‘1,000 mins used’ ‘1,000,000 mins used’, and so forth.

Create Recordings’ usage report

  1. Sign into the Scheduler as a manager, select Reports and Captions reports.
  2. Select Update Reports.
  3. Next to Recordings’ Captions report you’ll see the total minutes used and the date updated.

The result of the report will be available while the scheduler session is open. For each new session, select ‘Update Reports’ to view the results again.