Recording Report

Last updated: May 12, 2022.

The Recording report provides managers with data about their institution’s recordings. This data includes the recording name, a link to the recording, recording creation date and time, and the total duration of the recording.

This report uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.

Create and download the Recording report

The Recording report is available as a CSV download only. Only managers can download the Recording report.

iPhone and iPad users should have Microsoft Excel installed on their device to view the report properly.

  1. Log into the Scheduler as a manager, select Reports and Institution reports.
  2. Select Recording report.
  3. Choose the Date range for the report. The date range can’t be longer than 6 months and uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.
  4. Select Generate Report.
  5. After the report is created, select Download Report.
    1. If the report includes a lot of data, it may take some time to generate. You can leave the panel while the report generates and go back later to download it.

Recording CSV export column names

This report uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.

  • RecordingCreated: Date and time (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM) when the recording was created. Uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.
  • SessionOwner: Name of the session owner
  • SessionName: Name of the session
  • SessionIdentifier: Unique identifier of the session
  • SessionInstanceIdentifier: Unique identifier of the session occurrence
  • NumberOfUniqueAttendees: Number of unique attendees in the session that was recorded
  • RecordingName: Name of the recording
  • RecordingLink: Web link of the recording
  • RecordingDuration: Length of the recording in hours, minutes and seconds (HH:MM:ss)
  • StorageUsageGigabytes: Size for each recording in GB
  • HasLiveCaptions: Indicates if live captions were used in the live session that was recorded (true or false)
  • HasUserCaptions: Indicates if captions were added to the recording (true or false)
  • PlaybackCount: Number of times the recording was viewed
  • LastPlaybackDate: Date the recording was last viewed. Uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.
  • DownloadCount: Number of times the recording was downloaded
  • LastDownloadDate: Date the recording was last downloaded. Uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.
  • RecordingStatus: Status of recording processing. Status is either Done or Failed.
    • Done: Processing completed without issues and recording is ready to play
    • Failed: Processing failed and recording is currently unavailable
  • ContextName: Course, group, or forum name
  • ContextIdentifier: Course, group, or forum unique identifier
  • If you don’t see anything in the context name and ID columns, your LMS version isn’t supported.
  • ExternalContextID: Unique identifier created by the LTI integration that allows the link between a recording and the LMS course