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I want to let my students use my room for their study group. How can I do this?

The best way to do this is to allow your students to join a session as moderators or presenters. As moderators they have the same privileges you do. As presenters they are limited to sharing content privileges.

You can do this two ways.

  1. Join the session with your students and promote them to the desired role.
  2. Let them use the room without you. Schedule a session that allows all guests to join as moderators or presenters.

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I can’t hear anything. Can I change the volume?

Adjust your microphone and speaker volume in My Settings. Point to your avatar image to open My Settings. Select Audio and Video Settings.

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I’m having trouble seeing what is on the screen. Can I make it bigger?

Yes. You can zoom in on a whiteboard or file that is being shared. You can also enlarge captions if you are viewing them. Double-click on the item to make it bigger.

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Why can’t I share my screen?

Check your browser. Are you using Chrome or Firefox? Application sharing is only available through the Chrome and Firefox browsers at this time.

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