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Navigate the Attendees Panel with Assistive Technology

Last updated: September 12, 2022.

Find the Attendees panel

  1. From the Collaborate panel, go to the Attendees tab panel.
  2. Spacebar or select the Attendee tab panel to open.
  3. Find the # Attendees heading with heading keyboard shortcuts, the Tab key, or visually.
  4. Continue to navigate the panel to find the following features:
    1. More options pop-up button
    2. List of attendees grouped by roles under the headings of Moderators (#)Presenters (#), and Participants (#)
    3. Attendee Controls pop-up button for each attendee
    4. Network Strength Indicator Tooltip for each attendee

More options pop-up button

  1. Go to the More options pop-up button.
  2. Spacebar or select More options pop-up button to open a menu.
  3. More options menu contains the following features:
        1. Find attendee button
        2. Detach panel button or Merge panel button
        3. Mute all button (Moderator role only)

Detach or Merge panel

The Attendees panel functions the same whether it is detached from or merged into the Collaborate panel.

Detach panel

  1. In the More options menu, go to the Detach panel button.
  2. Spacebar or select Detach panel button.
    1. Attendees panel moves to the main page of the Collaborate session.
    2. Screen readers render that the Attendees panel has been detached.
    3. Focus is placed on the More options button in the detached Attendees panel.

Merge panel

  1. In the More options menu go to the Merge panel button.
  2. Spacebar or select Merge panel button.
    1. Attendees panel moves to the Collaborate panel.
    2. Screen readers render that the Attendees panel has been merged.
    3. Focus is placed on the Chat tab panel and the Chat panel is active.

Find Attendee

  1. In the More options menu, go to the Find attendee button.
  2. Spacebar or select Find attendee button to open the Search for attendees edit field with the placeholder text Find attendee.
    • Focus is placed in this edit field when opened.
  3. Start entering the name of another attendee into the field.
    • If no attendee is found, you receive the message 0 results for “name”
  4. Go to the Attendee controls [name] button for the attendee.

Attendee Controls pop-up button

  1. In the Attendees panel, go to [name] Attendee controls pop-up button.
  2. Spacebar or select [name] Attend controls button to open the [name] Attendee menu.
  3. Continue to navigate the Attendee control menu to find the Send a chat message button

Please note: If chat permissions are disabled, you won’t see the button.

Chat privately

Chat permissions must be turned on for you to chat privately.

  1. From the [name] Attendee controls pop-up button go to the Send a chat message button.
  2. Spacebar or select Send a chat message button.
  3. Focus is placed in the Type a message and press Enter or Return to chat. edit field with the placeholder text Say something on the Chat panel.

Network status indicator tooltip

The Access list of attendees button is only visible when it receives keyboard focus.

  1. Tab to, then Spacebar or select Access list of attendees button.
    1. Focus automatically shifts to the Attendee controls button where the following information is displayed:
      • Status values have a value of excellent, good, fair, or poor
      • Your experience has a value of excellent, good, fair, or poor
      • Bitrate may have values for up and down
    2. Tab to each attendee to discover their network strength.