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Designating an Additional Instructor

Last updated: May 26, 2022.

When scheduling a class, the host can designate other licensed users on the same account as additional instructors. Additional instructors can start the meeting on the instructor’s behalf. After scheduling, the additional instructor will see the class on their schedule.


When creating a class, the host can add additional instructors by entering their first and/or last names and then selecting the entry that populates.


To remove an additional instructor before scheduling, click the X to the right of their email address.


Additional instructors will see these classes populate in Today’s Classes on the Class app home page and the Class Schedule.


To join the session from the home page, the additional instructor will click on the session they were added to in Today’s Classes.


To join the session from the Class Schedule, the additional instructor can navigate to the Class Schedule by clicking See Class Schedule or the Schedule button.  After locating the class in the All Classes sidebar and selecting the class, the class details will populate with a Join button on the right-hand side of the window.

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