How to Create and Delete a Class

Last updated: July 7, 2022.


To create a new class, sign in to your Class app, and select Create a New Class.


Enter your information in Class Name. This will appear directly to your learners once created.

ClassID and Description are optional and often used if you have multiple classes with different sections.

You have the option to create a class password. The auto-generated password that appears in the text box is the default password that will be selected for your class if this field is left untouched. Typing a password in this field will change the default password to a password of your choice, but make sure that your chosen password meets your Organization’s Passcode Requirements in Zoom Admin.

Fields that are required are days of the week, start date, end date, timezone, along with the start and end times of the class. If the class is recurring throughout the week, you are able to select multiple days of the week. You will see the dates appear under Selected Dates.

To create a class with multiple days and timings, select Add More Dates. You can see your selected dates and select the red X to delete a certain date. Once deleted it is removed from the list.


In Advanced Settings, you can select Use a Course Template. You can provide a waiting room for learners, along with selecting if learners can join before the instructor. You can require authentication to join your class. You can add additional instructor to your class as well. Once all details are finalized, select Schedule on the bottom right of the window.


Your new class will now appear on your class schedule.


To edit a class, select the pencil icon. You will be prompted back to the create a class page where you can edit your class details.


To delete a class you created, go to the homepage, and select Class Schedule.


Select the class you wish to delete on the left-hand side. Once selected, you will see a trash icon appear. Selecting the trash icon will open a new window.


A new window will ask, Are you sure you want to delete this class?” Select Confirm and the class will be deleted from the schedule. This will also delete the class on the learners’ schedules as well.

Please note: Deleting a class will also delete all work and grades associated with this class.

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