How to Upload a Syllabus

Last updated: February 18, 2022.


In order to upload a syllabus, the instructor will need to create a class. Once in the classroom, select Teaching Tools then select the first icon labeled Syllabus.


A new window will open. Select Choose File or drag and drop files here. Learners will always have access to this file under their Learner Tools section once a syllabus has been uploaded.


After uploading, select Save.


The uploaded syllabus will appear in the window. Select Launch to push a new tab to learners. Instructors can also delete the syllabus.


To update the syllabus, select Replace Syllabus to return to the uploading window. From there, select a new file.


Once launched, the learners will see a new tab with the Syllabus. Only the instructor will be able to close out the tab for everyone by using the X on the tab.


If learners select syllabus under student tools, this tab is only viewable by the learner. They will be able to close out this tab. Learners also have the option to download the file as well.

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