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How to Verify Learners

Last updated: July 10, 2023.

Verification was developed to prevent “Zoom-bombing” or uninvited participants joining your sessions. When an instructor adds a learner to the class roster, and shares the meeting ID and passcode, or meeting link, the learner will have to be verified once they enter the class so that other learners can see them.

Learners should only need to be verified once, given that they join using the same method each time they launch Class, I.E., meeting link, meeting ID and passcode, or Class Schedule. If a learner enters Class via the meeting link/meeting ID and passcode, they will only need to be verified the first time they join Class from that device. Learners joining via Class Schedule will need to be signed in and verified the first time they join Class. If learners deviate from either of these workflows, they will have to enter their name to join Class and potentially create duplicate roster entries.


Instructors may select the ‘verify all‘ button on the top to verify users all at once.

Verify all allows Instructors and TAs to verify all users in a class at once from the participant’s list. When selected, all unverified users will be verified and added to the Class Roll with the name they entered; any fields not manually entered will be empty in the roll.

Note: To change a learner’s name, go to the Class Roll in Class Management Tools to edit.


You are able to verify a user manually one at a time as well. On the instructor’s sidebar under Participants, you’ll see the learners’ names with a red icon next to it. Click the blue More button and scroll down to Verify User and then click This person is a new student and click the learners’ name.


You are able to verify learners directly on their image as well. Click the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the learners’ image. Scroll down to Verify User and click the learners’ name.

Once a learner is verified in the class, instructors will not have to re-do this process if the learner enters from the class roster, LTI, or enters the same name when using meeting ID and passcode.


Instructors and TAs can manually un-verify a user. On the instructor’s sidebar under Participants, select a learner’s name and click the More button to Un-verify a user.

Note: Unverifying a learner does not remove them from the classroom. In order to do this, use the Remove option.


Instructors can enable automatic verification for their sessions if the feature is enabled at the admin level. When enabled, students joining a session will be verified automatically.

Note: Admins may enable automatic verification for all sessions or disable automatic verification completely. Please contact your admin if you have questions about how this feature is being implemented for your organization.

Changes in Class Version 2.15

The Participants list is now located in the Class Toolbar. Clicking the Participants button will open the new floating Participants panel.  By default, the panel will appear below the Podium.

The Verify All button is located below the Podium and is positioned between the Mute All and Enable Auto-Verify buttons.

Users can be manually verified via the Participants list beneath the Podium. Learners with a red circle around their avatar are unverified. Click the blue More button, scroll down to Verify <learner name>, select New student or Existing student and choose the name of the learner to verify them as is, or select Other… to edit their information before verification.

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