Closed Captions

Last updated: August 12, 2022.

Any user, given live transcription has been enabled for the class, will be able to toggle on Closed captions. 


Before enabling Closed Captions in Class, please ensure that the setting is activated in the In Meeting (Advanced) settings on


Hosts can turn on Closed Captioning for the class. In a class, go to the dropdown menu under View and select Closed Captions: On.


To update Closed Captioning settings, select the dropdown menu under View and select Closed caption settings…


In the Closed Caption settings window, you can toggle automatic or manual closed captioning. You can also assign a participant to type or manually assign yourself as the typer. Select Save when finished.


Please note:

  • Android will only support participant-side option to view or hide captions
  • iOS will only have the option to start automatic captions or assign a desktop user to type captions

Not supported on Web.


To edit the sizing of the captions, select Closed Captions: Sizing…


When a host instructor assigns you to type closed captions, you will get prompted with a message instructing you to type and will need to select Start.


Once live transcriptions are turned on by the host, Closed Captions are available for individual users to toggle. Users can go to their view and select Closed Captions. In the drop-down, to turn on, select Show.


The individual user will see a closed captions box on top of the toolbar.


To allow for closed captions on iOS, one must navigate to: Settings -> Accessibility -> Subtitles & Captioning -> Closed Captions + SDH.


  • Can a user configure it such that transcriptions automatically turn on?
    • Transcriptions will be automatically turned on by default
  • Can only the host turn this on?
    • Yes
  • Can a user hide captions if they want?
    • Yes
  • What will happen if the participant I assign as the manual closed captioner leaves the meeting?
    • On Windows, the host instructor will be notified, with a button in the notification to select a new user
    • On iOS, the host instructor will be notified, and the closed captions will change from manual to automatic (English voice-to-text)

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