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Class: Waiting Room Settings for Class Sessions

Last updated: July 19, 2022.

Platform: Class

Versions: All


During Class creation, users can select to turn on the waiting room to allow the host to admit attendees to the meeting individually. If Waiting Room is on for the Class session, the host’s Waiting Room settings in Zoom apply.


If the host wants to manually admit all attendees to their Class session, they must set Waiting Room Options in Zoom to place everyone in the Waiting Room.

To change Waiting Room settings:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Under Waiting Room Options, select Edit Options

  3. Select the Waiting Room option you would like for your Class**

  4. Save the changes to your Waiting Room options by clicking Continue


  • Changing the Waiting Rooms settings changes the settings for all your Class and Zoom meetings. To learn more about customizing the Waiting Room, visit Zoom Support.
  • If choosing to whitelist domains for the waiting room, the format for whitelisting is

Send a participant back to the waiting room

With the April 2023 release of Class, instructors now have the option to send a meeting participant back to the waiting room.
Note: “Move to waiting room” is currently available for the Windows platform only.

  • Click the ellipses (…) next to a participant’s name and choose “Move to waiting room
  • A confirmation box will appear.
  • Click Move to Waiting Room to complete the process.
  • Any student moved to the waiting room can be readmitted to the session later.

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