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Class: Zoom License Requirements

Last updated: April 20, 2022.

Platform: Class

Is a Zoom license required to implement Class?

Yes. Any user acting in the role of Class facilitator, instructor, faculty, or teacher must be a licensed Zoom user. Zoom offers several pricing options and various additional services for different organizations in business, education, and healthcare. Review all options carefully as Class has some minimum technical requirements.

Which Zoom license is required for using Class?

For Class to function properly, clients must have Zoom for Education*, Zoom for Business, or Zoom for Enterprise. These Zoom license options provide the technical capability (e.g. API, LTI, SSO) that enables the suite of Class features and functionality. 

Lower tiered plans (Zoom Basic, Zoom Pro) do not provide the technical services Class requires to function. Please consult with a Class Account Executive in Sales for additional information and support. If you are running on a Basic license, you will have a 40-minute meeting limit.

For details, please see the Zoom pricing webpage and expand to view the “Full Plan Comparison” chart. 

What level of license do instructors need to have?

Instructors need to be licensed users in Zoom with Meeting Host privileges. Meeting Host privileges enables instructors in Class to create, manage and facilitate Class sessions. 

What licenses are required of non-instructor users?

Users who will participate in Class sessions (aka student, learner, attendee, participant) do not need access to a Zoom Account.

Does the LTI Tool impact the level of license users need?

Learner users don’t require paid Zoom licenses in Class. 

*What’s the difference between the Business and Education plans? The education plan allows you to have up to 300 participants per meeting per license. Education plans have the same features as Business with .5GB cloud storage per license, while Business plan gets 1GB cloud storage per license. For the Education plan, you must purchase between 20 and 149 licenses (if you need more please Contact Sales).

Source: Zoom Pricing Education FAQ 12/07/2021

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