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Mac: Gathering Log Files in Class

Last updated: August 12, 2022.

Platform: Mac

Version:  All

Issue: Occasionally the Class Support team may ask for log files from your Mac to help diagnose an issue with Class. To gather the log files, please do the following:

  1. Reproduce the issue within the Class app, if possible.
  2. In Class, hold down the Option key on your Mac keyboard then click the Class Menu and select Export Class Log File

Alternatively, hold down Ctrl+Option+L and wait 30 seconds to a minute for a Finder window to open on your Desktop

3. You may be prompted with a dialog to provide Class with access to your Desktop file. Click the OK button to allow Class to write the file into the folder

4. A new Finder window will appear with a .zip file named on your Desktop.

5. Email the .zip file to Class Support (

*Please note the time that the issue occurs and include that in your email.

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