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Windows: Changes to the Class MSI

Last updated: January 27th, 2023.

Current Version of the MSI:

The current version of the .MSI (versions < 2.9) operates as follows:

  • The Class application is installed in C:/Program Files/Class Technologies

  • The installation requires administrator permissions

  • The installation does not support the ability to upgrade via command line flags

Changes to the MSI as of XX:

The new version of the Class .MSI will change:

  • The application installer will install in C:/Program Files/Class Technologies

  • This requires administrator permissions for the initial installation

However, when a user logs in, the application will copy to a new folder for the user:

  • When a user logs into the device, the installer will check to see if that user has a copy of the Class application and if that application is up to date in /AppData/ClassTechnologies

    • If no app exists, it will install the latest version

    • If an outdated version exists, the app will update

  • The application will run from this location for each user who logs in on that device. Each user will have an independent version of the application.

  • The administrator can set a command line argument to allow/disallow users to update the app on their own manually.

  • Each user will have the ability to upgrade their copy of the application. Users will have independent versions of the application; thus, any upgrade will be isolated to that user.


  • If the client pushes a new MSI to force a “required” upgrade, the application will determine if an upgrade is required and “re-install” the application for each user the next time they log in.
  • The standard .exe installer available at the customer domain [] will not be changed in any way. Your end users may continue to download and install from your Class domain anytime if they have administrator privileges on their device.
  • Please consult your local Microsoft expert, application deployment consultant, hardware service provider, helpdesk agent, or mobile device manager for information and guidance on Class application deployment for your organization.

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