Last updated: May 24, 2022.


When in a class, learners are able to chat with their instructor and the whole class. Depending on the privacy settings that the instructor sets, learners are also able to chat with other learners. Learners can select Chat in the sidebar in order to chat with the class.


Learners can chat with everyone. Once a message is ready, hit Send. Selecting the back arrow will return the learner to the chat home.


If allowed by the instructor, learners can chat with each other and instructors during the class privately. Selecting the name of the individual in the drop-down will take the learner to a private chat.


Chat bubbles alert users to any unread private messages with a notification counter on the video display of the sender matching the notification counter in the participant list next to the sender’s name. Once a user selects the chat bubble, the chat menu on the sidebar will open to display the unread messages. Once the message has been read, the chat bubbles will disappear. The notification counter will display “9+” on Windows devices for any groups of unread messages exceeding nine; on all other clients, the counter will display up to “99+” messages.

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