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Release Notes

Version 2.12 —  March 30, 2023


This release includes several enhancements to Screen Share and Proctor / Collaboration View, Class Chat, Privacy mode, the Class platform APIs, as well as several other updates and fixes across the product for admin users, instructors, and participants alike.

Zoom SDK Version: 5.13.5

Note: manual close captions have been disabled in this build based on an issue identified in the latest Zoom SDK. We will re-enable this feature upon resolution of this issue. Automatic closed caption (live transcription) functionality is unaffected by this change.


Below are the improvements that are being made available as part of this release:

  • The Class Chat tool has been updated to improve the auto-scroll experience in sessions where many messages are being sent in rapid succession
  • The Class app can now be maximized while sharing screen to allow for managing session activity and shared app content (e.g. Powerpoint) at the same time
  • Instructors can now use Proctor / Collaboration View and Share Screen at the same time to allow for more fluid collaboration with session participants
  • Participants who are using privacy mode will now have their video feed disabled when session recordings are started to ensure that their video is not captured in the recording
  • Class users can now be required to log in from the Class launch page to limit the need for in-session verification. This configuration is managed from the Class admin portal.
  • Class users will now see a dedicated tab for all session recordings, including those that are initiated outside of a scheduled session time, from the Class LTI home screen
  • Several improvements have been made to the Class platform APIs, including better support for scheduling deferred classes, updating classes, and deleting classes. Full details can be found at

Bug Fixes

Below are the high-priority bug fixes included in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where participants joining Class sessions were intermittently not being recorded in the Class attendance report

Known Issues

  • In some cases, annotation placement is inaccurate
  • Participant screenshots do not show up when the participant joins the session after Proctor View has started
  • Users are intermittently unable to start screen sharing due to a SDK error
  • Users are losing microphone output intermittently when using headphones
  • Video tiles are intermittently showing black when a user’s camera is on
  • Intermittent issues with the “sync” button that exists on some external headsets
  • Mute all and clear reactions button in sidebar don’t work in demo class
  • Breakout Rooms are not sorted numerically
  • Course sessions in LTI can overlap the same date/time
  • Sidebar and gallery reactions inconsistent [all platforms]
  • “Delete” available for courses created by other instructors, not available for own courses
  • Chats missing from Breakout, but available in “All Messages”
  • No messaging in Class app for underpowered computers trying to use background images
  • Whiteboard Copy to clipboard as PNG does not work
  • Whiteboard Actions > Copy only works one time on an object
  • More than one of the same Whiteboard image (PNG) does not persist when switching between whiteboard pages
  • You Must Sign in with Registered Account to Join this Webinar
  • Creating a Class from Existing Meeting creates a new meeting not associated with the existing ID
  • Students are bypassing the waiting room despite Zoom and Class settings
  • Unable to open Google Course Kit assignments in Canvas
  • Zoom Recordings not showing in Moodle LTI
  • Students in Class are missing from Chat, Proctor, Participants Panel, Etc
  • Teaching tools launched in breakout rooms fail to relaunch if left open when breakout rooms are closed
  • Reflex method not supported in Android WebView
  • Co-Teachers cannot launch additional courses
  • Not having Host Permissions/Abilities when launching via Brightspace LTI

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