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Collaborate in an LTI-Compliant LMS

Last updated: May 12, 2022.

Class Collaborate is Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI)-compliant.

Your users can join a Class Collaborate session from their course on your LTI-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) of choice.

When the Class Collaborate tool is selected in the course, the Class Collaborate session will open in a new browser window or tab, depending on their browser settings.

When you use LTI to link to the Class Collaborate regional server, your instructors can add Collaborate to their courses. They can create virtual lectures, offices, and meeting spaces to engage their students in a more collaborative and interactive learning experience.

Why integrate Collaborate with your Learning Management System (LMS)?

When Collaborate is integrated into your LMS, your instructors and students can enjoy an experience that goes beyond simple Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI). Sessions are secure, convenient, and easy to use. And the experience is only going to get better as we continue to build a deeper integration.

Get the best of both worlds with seamless access to sessions that are both secure and open

Students join sessions securely when they join from their course. The students are authenticated through the LMS and provided with secure session links only they can use. At the same time, instructors can use guest links to invite anyone not enrolled in their course, such as a colleague or an external expert for a Q&A session. Access from these guest links can be turned off at any time.

Joining sessions and meeting as a class is made easier and convenient

Students can access Collaborate sessions from directly in a course. Instructors don’t need to send invites. A course room is available for use any time. Instructors don’t have to create new sessions unless they want to. Everyone enrolled in the course automatically has access to the session and with the right level of permissions in the room. They don’t need to sign in again. 

Recordings are automatically available for secure access.

Once the session’s recording is over, it’s automatically posted in the course. Recordings of the sessions are only available to those enrolled in the course by default. Instructors can choose to grant public access and share a recording link. They can tell at-a-glance who has access to the recordings and edit the permissions any time.

Ready to take the next step? Follow the steps on this page to to set up your integration.

Get your credentials

To use Collaborate with your Learning Management System (LMS), start by contacting Class to have it enabled on your instance and receive your integration credentials.

Submit a case on Class Community and Support (available in English only). Fill in all of the fields and make these selections:

Collaborate Create a support case

  1. Go to Class Community and Support Portal and Login
  2. Select the Support pull down menu
  3. Select Create a case.
  4. From the Account menu, select your school’s account.
  5. In the Subject line type Request Collaborate Integration Credentials.
  6. In the Description area please specify what you need credentials for: Blackboard Learn Building Block, Moodle Plugin, Moodle LTI, Canvas LTI, D2L LTI, Other. Production, Test, and/or Staging LMS. It can also be useful to provide the URL for the LMS you are integrating Collaborate with.
  7. In the Steps to Repeat line type NA.
  8. From the Feature Bucket Menu, Select LMS Integrations
  9. From the Feature Menu, Select New Integration Credential Request
  10. Select Next to finish creating your support case

Link to Your LMS

Link to the Collaborate regional server from your LMS. You need to do this as an administrator.

Use the provided server URL, Key, and Secret. Make sure you allow the user to see the link if you have the option to show and hide it.

You will also need to configure your LMS to send the Context ID, User ID, User name, and User email address to the Class Collaborate LTI provider.

Note: This is only a general guide. Review your LMS documentation for more detailed instructions.

Configure Collaborate on your LMS

Set up your LMS with the LTI-compliant Collaborate.

Note: These links take you to articles on Class Community and Support and are available in English only.

Moodle installation and configuration instructions

Canvas installation and configuration instructions

D2L installation and configuration instructions

Collaborate logo files

Download the Collaborate logo in JPG and PNG file formats.



Instructors can create as many sessions as they want in their course.

More on creating sessions in the moderator help

They also have a Course Room that is an open session dedicated to their course. This makes it easier for your instructors to use Collaborate in their LMS/VLE courses. It also provides moderators and participants a convenient launch point for classes or impromptu meetings.

Note: The course room is on by default but can be turned off. To learn more, see Turn off the course room.

Turn off the dedicated course room

You can turn off the dedicated course room at the institution level and the course level.

  • Turn it off for the whole institution: Contact Support to have the course room turned off for your whole institution. Instructors and students won’t be able to access or use the course room.
  • Turn it off for an individual course: Open the More menu for the course room. Select Lock course room. Students are not able to view or join the session
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