Storage Usage Report

Last updated: May 12, 2022.

The Storage usage report allows managers to track their institution storage on their own at any time. Managers can use this report to see how much GBs of recording storage their institution is using. This visibility makes anticipating and planning for tasks and contractual adjustments much easier.

This report shows the total recording storage for the whole institution as of the day generated. For storage information on individual recordings, use the Recording report.

Create and download the Storage Usage report

The Storage usage report is available as a CSV download only. Only managers can download the Storage usage report.

    1. Sign into the Scheduler as a manager, select Reports and Institution reports.
  • Select Storage Usage report.
  1. Select Generate Report.
  2. After the report is created, select Download Report.

Storage Usage CSV export column names

  • ReportDate: Date (YYYY-MM-DD) when the report was generated.
  • StorageUsageGigabytes: total usage in GB.

Storage Usage Report FAQs

What are the differences between Storage usage report and Blackboard Data Developer Tier?

  • The Storage usage report is updated every time you generate a new one. While Blackboard Data is updated, on a scheduled basis, once a day at 3am (UTC0).
  • If you delete recordings, you can check the impact on the storage report immediately. It could take up to a day to be reflected in Blackboard Data.
  • Blackboard Data includes only data related to the Blackboard Learn instance. If you’re using Collaborate from both within Learn and the standalone scheduler, the data in Blackboard Data Developer Tier won’t include recordings done from the standalone scheduler. Sessions must be joined and recorded from inside the LMS to be included in the Blackboard Data Developer Tier.

What are the differences between Storage usage report and the monthly report I receive by email from my Account team?

  • The Storage usage report shows the consumption of all the recordings up to the date the report is generated, while the monthly report shows the usage peak (max. usage) of each month.
  • If you delete any recordings during the month, your monthly report will still show the same number, as it shows the peak of that month. The monthly report will reflect the impact of the recording deletion the month after. The Storage usage report will show the new total right after deletions.
  • The monthly report from the account team adds up all the login groups of the institution/account. An institution may have more than one login group. As a manager, you can connect to each login group and run the storage usage report for each. The Storage usage report shows the results for the login group you’re authenticated on when running the report.

If I deleted a recording, how soon will I see the storage usage updated in this report?

  • It may take a few minutes, then, select Generate Report again to have the most updated information.

Can I know how much new storage I’ve used in the last week?

  • No, the storage report is a point-in-time report. You will only see the total storage used at the time the report was generated. If you run the report every week and keep a track record, you’ll see the storage usage evolution.

In this report, can I see how much storage has increased on the day I generate it? Or the total used up to today, minus deletions?

  • The Storage usage report will only reflect the total used up to the date the report is generated, excluding deleted recordings.