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Polls are great to engage your attendees and keep them interested. They have so many uses.

Example: Keep your attendees’ attention by giving them opportunities to participate. Start a discussion by asking the attendees their opinion on something. Ask questions to see how well they understood what you presented. Or use reflective questions to help them retain what you presented.

Attendees respond to your poll by selecting one of up to five responses. You decide how many choices attendees see.

Polling is not supported in the Blackboard app. Any students using the Blackboard app won’t be able to participate in polls.

Watch a video about polls

Video: Polling in Class Collaborate shows you polling in action.

Create polls

Use polls to give your attendees opportunities to participate and provide feedback. 

  1. Open the Collaborate panel.
  2. Not sure where the Collaborate panel is? Jump to Find Your Way Around.
  3. Select Share content.
  4. Select Polling.
  5. Select Multiple Choice or Yes/No Choices.
  6. Optionally, type the poll question or leave it blank. Poll questions have a 110 character limit.
  7. If using Multiple Choice, give up to 5 answer choices. Type your answer choices or leave them blank. Answer choices have a 90 character limit. If you leave the choices blank, attendees see numbers for their choices.
  8. Screen readers only announce the numbers for each choice. If you have attendees who use screen readers or you leave the choices blank, make sure attendees know what choice each number represents.
  9. Select Start.

Monitor your poll

Immediately after starting your poll, you can see an overview of poll responses. This overview gives you a response count for each choice. It even tells you how many attendees haven’t responded yet. If you want to see how each attendee responded, or even who hasn’t responded, go to the Attendees panel.

Moderators can also respond to the poll. For this reason, you are also counted in the No Response count as well.

The polling overview doesn’t stay open. Open it by selecting Polling.

From here you can choose to lock the poll to show responses to all attendees or stop the poll.

Lock the poll to show responses to attendees

Select Polling to open the poll overview. Select Lock Poll to show the responses to all attendees. Attendees see the overview count of the responses only.

Select Unlock Poll to hide the results from attendees and allow new responses.

Moderator view

Attendee view

What do attendees see?

After you start the poll attendees are asked to make a choice. All they see are their response choices.

The choices disappear so they don’t block anything on the main stage. Attendees can select Polling to open the choices again.

Attendees see their own choice after they make a choice. They don’t see the poll results unless you share the responses. Attendees never see how anyone else has responded.

How do I stop a poll?

Select Polling to open the poll overview. Select End polling to stop the poll.

Download poll results

Moderators, instructors, and administrators can download a session’s Poll report. This report includes the poll question and how each attendee responded.

After you leave the session, open the Session options menu and select View reports.

    • If an attendee gets disconnected, poll answers will be saved in the report.
    • If the poll question or options is updated by the moderator, the poll report will include the update, and will not include the old version.