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Many organizations are experimenting with new hybrid work models. This has put pressure on L&D teams to figure out how to shift from a mostly event-driven, in-person learning model to something that meets the needs of a distributed and dynamic workforce. In this new environment, what does effective live, synchronous training look like? What strategies can companies develop for meeting the needs of learners who are on-site, those who work from home, and those who move between the two?

On a recent episode of Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence at Work podcast, Ben Lowell from Class sat down with Rachel Cooke from Brandon Hall Group to discuss the opportunities for live virtual learning to create connections in the hybrid workplace.

Topics include:

  • What trends and innovations will stick around for a long time?
  • How has hybrid work impacted learning cultures?
  • What technologies are beneficial for encouraging peer learning, community, and real-time coaching?
  • How do you determine the best fit and time for live versus self-paced learning?
  • The best advice for a learning leader to succeed in today’s environment
  • And more!

Read highlights of the interview.