Class CollaborateEngage and collaborate seamlessly

Class Collaborate, proudly part of the Class family, is backed by our commitment to providing the best virtual classroom experience to instructors and learners alike.

Raise the bar for live learning

With interactive tools like whiteboarding and polls, educators can foster student collaboration in Class Collaborate, ensuring real-time feedback and secure access. 

Collaborative learning environmentMore than just a “camera on” virtual classroom

Utilizing interactive whiteboarding, chronological hand-raise notifications, extensive chat features, on-demand polls, moderated breakout groups, and more, educators foster innovative student collaboration. Real-time feedback ensures instructors gauge lesson effectiveness, enabling confident engagement with the entire class or personalized attention through group discussions, one-on-one office hours, and various configurations.

Secure & Seamless LearningEliminate barriers while bolstering security

Class Collaborate establishes a safe, secure, and reliable learning environment. Our virtual classroom solution enables faster online classroom access through browser-based use. Class Collaborate eliminates app installation barriers, allowing learners to join from anywhere on any internet-connected device. Plus, instructor and student collaboration is restricted to only authorized educators and learners.

Streamlined learning experienceQuick and easy workflows shift focus back where it belongs

Help instructors and students save time through our virtual classroom tool, which flattens the learning curve typically requiring extensive collaboration software education. Class Collaborate is your optimal virtual classroom solution, and when combined with Blackboard Learn, your instructors unlock a next-level digital learning experience.

Upgrade to the next generation virtual classroom

Class Collaborate customers are invited to join our cohort-based virtual upgrade program designed to support customers upgrading from Collaborate to Class. The program is free to Class Collaborate customers.

Seamless Integration With Your Preferred LMS Class Collaborate + Blackboard Learn

By combining Class Collaborate with Blackboard Learn, you’ll take your instructors’ and learners’ experiences to the next level with a perfectly embedded virtual classroom. The integration creates quick and easy workflows, shifting the focus back to what matters—teaching and learning.

Always available course rooms
Always available course rooms allow instructors to avoid the need to create new sessions unless they choose to do so
Immediately accessible course recordings

Recordings are immediately accessible within the course once the sessions end

Automatic access and permissions

Everyone enrolled in the course gains automatic access with the appropriate level of room permissions

Automated course attendance

Class Collaborate sends the details to the course attendance page in Blackboard Learn for review and grading

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