Seamless Course Setup & DeliverySave time and create consistency across courses

Instructors need to spend less time on administrative tasks and more on meaningful interactions with learners. Class streamlines course setup and delivery by offering pre-loaded content, user-friendly templates, and LMS integrations, eliminating time-consuming setup.

Course TemplatesCreate and facilitate courses at scale

Course templates let you easily build, refine, and replicate your virtual courses to ensure consistency in delivery across sessions. Easily manage templates and create tailored content with flexible drafting and publishing options. With an easy-to-use platform, you can quickly set up and streamline your courses to save time while maintaining quality.

Course ContentCentralize all your course materials in advance

Bring your courses to life with interactive screen sharing and content interaction. From videos to webpages, learners can explore and engage with course materials without leaving Class. Instructors save valuable time with advanced setup and content loading, getting everything in place before the session even starts.

Custom PermissionsMaintain control and security with permissions

Tailor course and session experiences to meet diverse objectives and learner needs. With the ability to finely control participant access and engagement, instructors can foster secure, interactive environments conducive to effective teaching and learning.

Enhanced LMS IntegrationDo more with deeper integrations

With the Class LTI application, seamlessly sync your course setup and materials with your preferred LMS. Centralize your course activities, attendance records, and assignment completion in one place, cultivating a cohesive learning environment where educators can focus on instruction and students can engage with course content without interruption.

ProctoringEnsure security and support during online testing and coaching

Visibility into a learner’s screen ensures instructors maintain a proactive approach to monitoring academic integrity and facilitating individualized support during learning activities. With proctoring, instructors can see learner cameras alongside a view of their screens, providing real-time insights into learner activities.

Secondary CamerasSupport learner needs with secondary cameras

Enrich the course experience and increase learner comprehension with secondary course cameras. Manage the visibility and placement of secondary cameras with options to move the camera to various parts of the virtual classroom setup—like in the front of room or pinned under the podium.

WAnt to learn more? Explore more Class features

Collaborative, Active Learning

Deliver an interactive online learning experience with instructor-led tools

Data & Automation

Demonstrate efficacy and measure what matters with data dashboards

Flexible, Accessible Interface

Create an inclusive learning space tailored to meet the needs of all learners

Experience the transformative power of Class

The next generation virtual
classroom—built on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Drive learner engagement

Bring live online courses to life with a learning environment that promotes active participation, collaboration, interaction, and discussion

Upskill and reskill employees

Empower your team with scalable virtual training that retains top talent, aligns your organization, and fosters the culture of success needed for growth

Scale access to quality instruction

Deliver well-crafted, repeatable virtual learning that ensures your entire community of learners has access to top-notch training and education

Foster community and connection

Connect instructors and learners alike, creating a true sense of community that ensures distance or circumstance doesn’t hinder collaborative learning

The integrated platform to easily manage virtual learningDiscover how Class can help your instructors save time and effort