Data & Automation The power of data-driven virtual education

Data-informed decisions and automated tools are revolutionizing the way we teach, train, and learn. With Class, you can use reliable analytics and simple automations to deliver the highest quality virtual education and training possible.

Data Dashboard Leverage analytics to improve instruction

Seamlessly track and report on real-time engagement and session analytics. With our in-session data dashboard, instructors can measure and report on course efficacy and improve the outcomes of their instruction.

Attendance & ID Verification Save time and boost accuracy with automated attendance

Effortlessly streamline attendance management with automated tracking, roster-based learner identification, and integrated access—saving time and eliminating the need for manual inputs.

Gradebook Grade more efficiently with powerful automations

Maximize grading efficiency and insight with the Class gradebook, effortlessly compiling results from multiple Class sessions. Streamline organization and informed decision-making for enhanced teaching and learning outcomes.

Course Roster Reduce administrative tasks with an intuitive course roster

Simplify course administration with Class’s intuitive roster functionality, empowering instructors to effortlessly organize and manage learner lists for a more streamlined and secure teaching and learning experience.

AI Assistant Improve learner outcomes with our AI-powered assistant

Enhance the learning experience—for instructors and learners alike—by providing immediate access to valuable information. With Class’s AI-powered assistant, instructors can keep courses on track while learners get the clarity they need.

Auto Transcription Enhance the learning experience with real-time session transcription

Ensure no learner misses vital information with easily accessible real-time transcriptions, fostering an inclusive environment for all participants. Enhance comprehension with interactive note-taking and editing features, empowering focused learning and streamlined review sessions.

LMS & Data Passback Do more with deeper integrations

With Class’s enhanced LMS integration, seamlessly sync your course setup and materials with your preferred LMS. Centralize your course activities, attendance records, and assignment completion in one place, cultivating a cohesive learning environment where educators can focus on instruction and students can engage with course content without interruption.

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Collaborative, Active Learning

Deliver an interactive online learning experience with instructor-led tools

Seamless Course Setup & Delivery

Save time spent on administrative tasks, like preparing sessions and rostering

Flexible, Accessible Interface

Create an inclusive learning space tailored to meet the needs of all learners

Experience the transformative power of Class

The next generation virtual
classroom—built on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Drive learner engagement

Bring live online courses to life with a learning environment that promotes active participation, collaboration, interaction, and discussion

Upskill and reskill employees

Empower your team with scalable virtual training that retains top talent, aligns your organization, and fosters the culture of success needed for growth

Scale access to quality instruction

Deliver well-crafted, repeatable virtual learning that ensures your entire community of learners has access to top-notch training and education

Foster community and connection

Connect instructors and learners alike, creating a true sense of community that ensures distance or circumstance doesn’t hinder collaborative learning

Redefine online education and training with Class by your side Level up your virtual learning with data-driven automation