Drive Learner EngagementDon’t let learners get lost behind a screen

It’s hard to learn by just watching someone share their screen. With Class’s virtual classroom solution, instructors can bring live online courses to life by creating a space that fosters collaboration, interaction, and discussion.

Engagement is critical to learner success

Yet learner engagement is the top challenge in virtual classrooms:


of instructors say learner engagement is a key driver of success



of students report feeling engaged at school



of employees feel some degree of disengagement in hybrid meetings

Class fosters discussions, connects learners, and empowers instructors to increase engagement.

Boost learner engagement with Class

Drive active learning through a hands-on experience

Stop teaching to a gallery of learners on mute. Get discussions, interactions, and collaboration flowing with hands-on, virtual live learning. With Class, instructors can deliver a connected experience, increase engagement, and improve retention of concepts for learners.

Keep learners focused in one dedicated workspace

Class keeps everything in one app so learners can stop jumping between programs and stay focused on the lesson. Focus tracking lets instructors know when learners don’t have Class as their primary application so they can maximize engagement.

Bring community and collaboration into the classroom

With traditional video conferencing, it’s hard for learners to feel connected. Class understands the value of the community you find in a classroom. Our collaborative tools let learners actively engage in a way that replicates the in‑person experience.

Measure engagement with powerful analytics

Class surfaces traditionally hard-to-track metrics and transforms them into digestible dashboards for easy assessment. Measure participation, gauge comprehension, and identify learning gaps with a holistic view of a learner’s individual progress.

Better learner engagement than traditional web conferencing

Engaged learners, whether in a physical or virtual classroom, exhibit higher receptivity and improved retention. Class partnered with Tripod Education Partners to analyze how our virtual classroom enhances learner engagement compared to traditional video or web conferencing tools.

Key finding #1Class users experience higher cognitive engagement

Learners who used Class reported more cognitive engagement. This was defined as being more capable of following along with presented information and feeling less distracted compared to learners using traditional web conferencing platforms. Learners in Class reported feeling 32% less distracted and better able to follow along with instruction compared to those using other video conferencing platforms.

Key finding #2Class users are more confident applying learned knowledge

A key finding of this study demonstrated the confidence learners expressed in their ability to transfer the knowledge obtained into real-world application. Learners utilizing the Class platform held a 46% higher level of confidence in their ability to do the tasks related to the sessions compared to the two traditional web conferencing platforms.

Key finding #3Class users perceive higher rates of instructor care

Within Class sessions, learners perceived their instructor as more caring and aware of their feelings compared to those same data points for the two traditional video conferencing tools (by a notable 9 percent increase). This impact of perceived care and support has been shown to have a direct correlation to successful learner outcomes and retention.

Increased engagement brings a better learning experience

Foster a sense
of community

between educators and peers through meaningful collaboration

Boost learner

by nurturing critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills

retention rates

while keeping learners motivated and committed to coursework

Trusted by 10M+ users from 
1,500+ institutions in 75+ countries

Class customers are increasing engagement and connecting learners

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Experience the transformative power of Class

The next generation virtual
classroom—built on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Drive learner engagement

Bring live online courses to life with a learning environment that promotes active participation, collaboration, interaction, and discussion

Upskill and reskill employees

Empower your team with scalable virtual training that retains top talent, aligns your organization, and fosters the culture of success needed for growth

Scale access to quality instruction

Deliver well-crafted, repeatable virtual learning that ensures your entire community of learners has access to top-notch training and education

Foster community and connection

Connect instructors and learners alike, creating a true sense of community that ensures distance or circumstance doesn’t hinder collaborative learning

Start driving learner engagement with Class