Collaborative, Active LearningBoost engagement with hands-on virtual learning

Human connection in learning doesn’t have to be lost behind a screen. It can be active, collaborative, and engaging for everyone, everywhere. With Class, you get instructor-led tools that help people learn through interaction, discussion, and exploration.

Enhanced breakout roomsFacilitate small group collaboration

Class’s enhanced breakout rooms are uniquely designed to facilitate small group interactions and meaningful discussions—all while giving instructors increased visibility into group activities. Organize learners into small groups to boost engagement, spark effective collaboration, and ensure every learner can contribute to a dynamic, active learning environment.

Instructional whiteboardsMake learning visual

Help learners interact with and understand course material with instructional whiteboards. Guide discussions, boost learner comprehension, and create truly collaborative experiences for learners with individual or shared whiteboards.

In-app document collaborationWork together, from anywhere

Empower learners to collaborate on Microsoft Office or Google documents, directly within the Class platform. With in-app document collaboration, learners view and edit the same document in real-time. Compile team research, kickstart group projects, or brainstorm—together. With Class, distance doesn’t stop people from working side-by-side.

Surveys & pollingBoost engagement and get live feedback

Gauge comprehension, build community, and encourage participants to voice their perspectives—making course sessions feel like a two-way conversation. Seamlessly capture real-time feedback and get participants involved
to foster a culture of communication and continual improvement.

Interactive content sharingContent learners can interact with

Bring lessons to life with interactive content sharing—files, videos, and media that everyone can share and view. Allow learners to actually interact with course materials and explore the content, all without leaving Class. Empower learners to digest materials at their own pace.

Advanced chatWhere every learner feels heard and understood

Class’s advanced chat connects instructors and learners, minimizing disruptions with the ability to address questions and comments in real-time. Individual, group, and whole-session chat features allow for productive dialog.

in-app note-takingKeep learners organized

Class’s interactive note-taking feature takes course transcriptions to the next level—allowing learners to better organize ideas and information. Class gives learners the tools to capture, curate, and crystalize their learning seamlessly.

Reactions & emojisBe expressive—together

With reactions and emojis in Class, every learner can express themselves, fostering a sense of community and creating an enjoyable learning environment. Engage, react, and deliver 
real-time feedback to instructors and peers to improve learning outcomes.

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Seamless Course Setup & Delivery

Save time spent on administrative tasks, like preparing sessions and rostering

Data & Automation

Demonstrate efficacy and measure what matters with data dashboards

Flexible, Accessible Interface

Create an inclusive learning space tailored to meet the needs of all learners

Experience the transformative power of Class

The next generation virtual
classroom—built on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Drive learner engagement

Bring live online courses to life with a learning environment that promotes active participation, collaboration, interaction, and discussion

Upskill and reskill employees

Empower your team with scalable virtual training that retains top talent, aligns your organization, and fosters the culture of success needed for growth

Scale access to quality instruction

Deliver well-crafted, repeatable virtual learning that ensures your entire community of learners has access to top-notch training and education

Foster community and connection

Connect instructors and learners alike, creating a true sense of community that ensures distance or circumstance doesn’t hinder collaborative learning

Online learning that makes education betterSee how Class can help your people learn at their best