Scale Access to Quality InstructionUnlock effective learning for all

Learning opportunities shouldn’t be limited to circumstances, like location or ability to travel. With Class’s virtual classroom platform, your best training and education can be available to your entire community of learners.

Flexibility is the future of learning

For learners of all ages, untethered access is the new normal.


of students feel hybrid learning is more reflective of the modern workplace than entirely in-person study


of workers would take a pay cut of 10% or more to achieve flexibility in where they work


of workers would consider switching jobs to update their skills with enhanced professional training

With Class, your community of learners can engage in best-in-class learning opportunities that scale to grow with your organization.

Deliver learning for evolving needs

Create uncompromised engagement

Traditional methods of virtual instruction—like passive screen-watching or solitary learning—can fall short. With Class, robust features that support active learning allow your organization to offer a truly impactful experience that’s available to your entire organization.

Spark learning that is truly untethered

Your organization can ensure equal access to professional development and academic instruction, regardless of where your learners reside. Class enables your business or institution to expand in-demand course offerings so distance and circumstance aren’t barriers to quality learning.

Stay competitive with a best-in-class solution

The demand for virtual training and learning options is on the rise from learners and instructors alike. Class is a scalable virtual classroom platform that provides the flexibility your learning community wants while driving learning outcomes.

Instruction that is consistent and accurate, every time

Providing well-crafted, repeatable learning experiences to all participants is critical for consistent learner outcomes. With Class, you can capture your best training and scale it to match the needs of your growing organization.

Increased access brings a better learning experience

Make instruction

with standardized, repeatable courses and training that extend your reach

Create unparalleled engagement

with robust features built for active learning, collaboration, and interaction


with accessible learning pathways and quality instruction for everyone

Trusted by 10M+ users from 
1,500+ institutions in 75+ countries

Class customers are providing best-in-class learning, regardless of location

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Experience the transformative power of Class

The next generation virtual
classroom—built on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Drive learner engagement

Bring live online courses to life with a learning environment that promotes active participation, collaboration, interaction, and discussion

Upskill and reskill employees

Empower your team with scalable virtual training that retains top talent, aligns your organization, and fosters the culture of success needed for growth

Scale access to quality instruction

Deliver well-crafted, repeatable virtual learning that ensures your entire community of learners has access to top-notch training and education

Foster community and connection

Connect instructors and learners alike, creating a true sense of community that ensures distance or circumstance doesn’t hinder collaborative learning

Expand access to your organization’s best learning with Class