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Rethink Online Education

Discover how the classroom is changing with the virtual platform built on Zoom.

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Universities and institutions are leveraging Class to connect students, empower faculty, and measure engagement in the virtual classroom.

We’re changing the virtual classroom:

  • Detailed insights into student engagement
  • Improved hands-on and collaborative breakouts
  • Proctoring with live screen viewing
  • And More

Connected Learning That Drives Impact

Connect and Collaborate

Facilitate moments of intentional connection between learners and educators in 1:1 and group settings.

Captivate the Audience

Drive engagement with tools that provide real-time feedback and enable personalized interactions within the virtual classroom.

Bring Context to Content

Bring content to life with integrated tools made to bring more meaning to learning

Class is a product that is going to set the standard for a virtual classroom in the future.

John Louviere, Executive Director and Assistant Vice President,
Utah State University

Redesign the Classroom

Breathe life into learning with the virtual platform built on Zoom.