Welcome back to school! Class is excited to help support teachers with reading regardless of where they may be learning –  virtually, hybrid, or in-person.

While it might be old school of me to love the feeling of a paperback book in my hand, my students have thrived with these free virtual library resources that can be used for any age and any reading level!

What is a Virtual Library?

A Digital Library is like a treasure trove of knowledge, blending a diverse assortment of resources from various computer systems. Its magical gateway serves as a portal to access this abundant collection effortlessly. In the realm of information seekers, the Digital Library assumes a vital role, kindling the flame of curiosity and fostering the widespread utilization of knowledge.

How do virtual libraries work?

Virtual classroom libraries work by combining several knowledge resources, books, guides, videos, and more. A modern virtual library for an online classroom will be accessible through your classroom technology to create a single unified experience.

Virtual Classroom Library Resources

1. Teach Your Monster to Read

This free phonics and reading game was a favorite among my students. As a teacher, you create a class roster that provides each student with a login so that you can track their progress. From the very beginning, students are hooked because they get to create their own monster that they then take on adventures to learn phonics and more. Check it out!

2. Epic!

Another free resource my students loved is Epic! Not only does this website have a plethora of audiobooks to choose from, but it also has read-aloud functionality where students can follow along with the digital book. They have over 40,000 titles, all categorized by age range and reading level.

3. Storyline Online

This resource might equally be as entertaining for the teacher as it is for the students! Storyline Online has tons of short stories read by some very famous names like Jennifer Garner, Terry Crews, and Chris Pine. And while your students might not necessarily recognize some of these famous faces, it helped me feel refreshed teaching a story I’ve taught 10 times before.

The best part about these virtual library resources is they integrate with the Class virtual classroom!

Looking back to when I started in my first classroom, I was thrilled to decorate the walls and create a space for my students to fall in love with reading, but one thing I quickly realized was the cost of a fully stocked classroom library adds up quicker than the number of times I get called “Teacher” in the first week of school. Because of that, Class wants to help!

From September 2nd to September 9th, you can enter to win a $500 Scholastic Gift Card to help fund your classroom library! Head to our Instagram page @weareclasstech to learn more!

Miss Sutherd
Miss Sutherd
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